5 Camping Knowledge Praised By Tour Pal

- Jan 17, 2018 -


Many people have a dream of camping, arrangements for the two or three days to go camping in the pitch camp, are you ready?

TOP1: select camp

Ready to pitch camp, camp selection is very important.

1, first of all, don't choose the lush grass and stagnant pool, because these places has a lot of mosquitos, you certainly don't want to wake up with the many blisters.

2, choose the leeward, the wind will quickly bring the people's heat, make people cold, and even bring disease, so it is also important to choose the leeward place to camp. It is also important to note that the thunderstorm day should not be encamped on the top of the mountain or on the void ground so as not to be struck by lightning. It is necessary to know that there is no lightning rod on the top of the tent.

3, close to Village: Call help to villager once emergency, in the absence of firewood, vegetables, grain and other situation is more important. Near the village is also a close way, which is close to the road, convenient for the action and transfer of the team.

4, Keep away from Cliff: when camping, the camp can't be put under the cliff, it's dangerous. Once a strong wind is blowing in the mountain, it will probably scrape stones and other objects, causing casualties and casualties.

TOP2: a picnic barbecue

Barbecue is not a necessary item for camping, but more than 80% of friends and family camping parties will choose barbecue as the main entertainment and solve the key food items.

1. If you often go camping or barbecue, it is necessary to buy a roast grill.

2, of course, the barbecue to use charcoal to bring a sense of, the general charcoal for barbecue.

3, you usually bring some fruit to get rid of the greasy food, but remember that fruit that is afraid of pressing will be put in the sealed box if you bring it, so that no banana or grape will be come to the jam.

4, of course, the most important is the fire, the camping fun at the same time also must pay attention to safety.

TOP3: what do you use

The temperature difference between the forest and grassland is very large. It is necessary to bring thick clothes, warm sleeping bags and moistureproof mats.

1, although the temperature difference between the morning and evening is very large, you do not need to bring down clothes. A long sleeves and trousers are enough, and the friends who are afraid of cold can take a short windbreaker or an assault suit to wear.

2, the fall of ultraviolet light is much, I believe you do not need to say much. So beautiful girls should pay attention to sunscreen, and men should pay attention to it. We can amount to prepare long brim hat.

3, it is best not to take any jewelry and ornament things are easy to lose,put money and mobile phone well,it's hard to find out them on the forest!

TOP4: warm in bed

When camping in order to sleep better, before the warm-up is necessary.

1, be sure to eat some high calorie food before going to bed, drink some warm water, milk or fruit juice, or you can't sleep at night. Even though it's romantic, it will affect the pleasure of the whole trip.

2. The fluffy of the new sleeping bag is a little bad. It is better to open the sleeping bag to make it fluffy when you make up the tent. The longer the time is, the better the heat insulation performance is.

3, tent should keep the air circulation, do not use the open fire in the tent, check out all the flames before going to bed at night, but don't sleep in the fire.

TOP5: Essential Medicines

The basic drugs need to be prepared under fire, including:clear internal heat,prevent cold,anti mosquito, anti-inflammatory drugs etc..

1, when you cut or bruise, you can use hydrogen peroxide to clean up and disinfect the wound, then smear it with antibiotic cream. Finally, in order to prevent infection, you can also use a wound patch patch and short bandage.

2, headache, aspirin and acetaminophen can be used to relieve pain. Remember to take the antidiarrheal, in order to prevent the stomach uncomfortably diarrhea and so on.

3, in addition to the above mentioned medicine, you need to prepare aloe cream, after sunburn can immediately ease the pain, the summer, the grasslands of the ultraviolet radiation is very powerful, remember to use sunscreen arm yourself. In addition, if you go to the few people tread grassland, the ecological environment is very primitive, so please prepare a snakebite first aid kit...



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