A Good Article About The Zero Sleeping Bag

- Dec 22, 2017 -

0 sleeping bag.jpgThe human body is in the night by respiratory system and platoon sweat of 200-500ml. (a lot!If you have a lot of sweat, if the temperature is very low, the temperature in the insulation layer of the 0 sleeping bag falls below the dew point, and the water is stored in the insulation layer of the 0  sleeping bag.This is one of the most important things to consider during the long winter camp. The waterproof and breathable 0  sleeping bag can't prevent condensation of moisture in the tent.The condensation of moisture in the tent is the opening of the upper and lower part of the door.Air is particularly well ventilated.The inside account also should be ventilated.This will reduce the temperature in the inside account, but it will help to reduce the condensation. When the fabric of the 0  sleeping bag is frosted, the ventilation function will be reduced.But it's not serious.Non-water-resistant 0  sleeping bag fabrics have advantages in winter: they are not waterproof but have good air permeability, and reduce the stasis of water vapor in the insulation layer.But the downside is that when there is condensation (breathing or cooking) in the tent, the fabric of the 0  sleeping bag is easy to wet.

Low temperature using a 0  sleeping bag, when the temperature is not too low, sleeping bag set of increasing surface and the temperature of the thermal insulation layer, when the temperature can be above the dew point, moisture will not condense in the 0  sleeping bag in the thermal insulation layer.But too low or not.Will it be in a 0  sleeping bag and a condom?Knot it, get up and shake it off.Frost is hard to avoid in the cold, and control is where frost and water droplets are tied.

The order of hope is: external account -> internal account ->0   sleeping bag -> 0  sleeping bag.It is important to prevent moisture condensation in 0  sleeping bags.The 0  sleeping bag adds a layer of protection.But the bag itself has weight.In low temperature (usually in the morning, air temperature is about 10 degrees below zero), it's really useful to have a 0  sleeping bag for a few hours, especially if the 0  sleeping bag is dark.One trick is to ventilate the tent and immediately press down the 0  sleeping bag to squeeze out the moist air and shake out the 0  sleeping bag to let dry air in.This helps reduce water vapor condensation in a gradually cooling 0  sleeping bag.

The condensation of water vapor in polar travel is a big problem for 0  sleeping bags.A synthetic 0  sleeping bag is better than a down.But not for long.When WillSteger went to the North Pole, he had to drop a new 0  sleeping bag because it weighed more than 25 kilograms.The real solution to the condensation of the 0  sleeping bag is to use the vaporbarrierlayer.That is to add a completely unbreathable lining between people and 0  sleeping bags.Let the steam out of the 0  sleeping bag.The price is that the lining is so damp that people can't wear more clothes.But the problem is not as severe as you might think, because the relative humidity is so high that it doesn't give off moisture.In the winter, there are few days in the wild and there is a chance to cool dry, using the gas layer is not the key.It is made of waterproof material: nylon with waterproof coating and even large plastic bags

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