How To Bring A Tent

- Jan 04, 2018 -

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Of the guys we need to carry out, outdoor tents are probably the heaviest. How to place it well is absolutely essential.

When each tent was sold, there was a bag, and a lot of people were used to putting tents in it. Is not to say don't fold it in very troublesome, receive good tent is often the biggest one in all our equipment, and backpack space is limited, in addition to its hold sleeping bags, dampproof mat two big boys.

And what's even more troubling is that many of the tent bags are a long tube, and if you're using a smaller backpack, you're probably not going to get it. Hang your tent outside your backpack? It seems like a great way to save space, but it's not. This guy is very easy to trouble you outside.

The tent is heavy, and it's not easy to tie up outside the pack, unless it's like a bun. If you need to drill the woods on the route, it's easy to hang from the branches, and if you're accidentally scraped by a tree branch, you'll be miserable. So what happens? The best way to do that is to give up the shackles that the manufacturer has designed to give you -- throw out the tent bags and switch to a big sleeping bag.

Closed when also need not very troublesome to fold it, like a closed sleeping bags stuffed it directly into the sleeping bag set, if need to save the volume with a sleeping bag outside bring pressure to a smaller volume compression. B: it looks very barbaric. !). In this way, the sleeping bag is turned into a ball and placed in the backpack.

Do this another advantage is that, while just plug up every time the position of the fold is random, and if it's purely to beautiful only fold it a rule to receive original bag, tent is fixed, the location of each fold in the long run this part is easy to aging in the first place. When the tent is settled, the remaining tent pole is much easier to say, putting it upright in a backpack or hanging out of the backpack.

A rough tent can be scratched in the back of the tent. It's not as good as folding a flat mattress in a backpack. The tent pole carries the system in the bag, which is not easily broken. The external account is light in the inside of the bag, waterproof, can be pulled out quickly when raining, if it is 225, you can also pull the rod out of the hall to be a rain shed or cooking. The tent bag can be used as a dampproof pad, and the pad and aluminum pad are tucked into the inside of the bag.


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