How To Carry Outdoor Tents Most Convenient

- Jan 02, 2018 -

Outdoor tents are probably the biggest and heaviest of all the guys we need to carry. It is absolutely important how to place it.

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Every outdoor tent is sold in a package, and a lot of people are used to put their tents in it. It doesn't mean that it is very troublesome to fold up the rules regularly, and the good tent is always the biggest part of all our equipment, and the space of the backpack is limited. Besides it, there are two big blocks besides sleeping bags and moistureproof mats.

And the more troublesome thing is that many tents are packed in a long tube, and if you use a little smaller backpack, it's likely that you can't get it in. Hang up the tent outside the backpack? It seems a good way to save space, but it's not. This guy is easy to make trouble for you outside.


The outdoor tent was heavy, with rucksack not easy bundles of solid, unless like wrap; cross over, if it is easy to route to the woods it hung up in a tree, if you are not careful to be that the branches tore you miserable. What can we do? The best way to do it is to give up the bondage of the manufacturer's design - throw out the outer bag of the tent and use a large sleeping bag.


It doesn't need to bother to fold it when it is collected. It directly plugs it into sleeping bag like a sleeping bag. If you want to save volume, add a sleeping bag belt to the outside to lower the volume to a smaller volume. (it looks barbarous?!) As a result, the closed sleeping bag is changed from the original long tube into a ball, and it is also arranged in the backpack.


Another advantage of doing so, and plug it up every fold position is at random, and if only for beauty only folded it is to receive the original rules of tents in the bag, then each folding position is fixed, a long time the first part is easy to aging. After the tent is solved, the rest of the tent pole is much better. It is easy to put it vertically in the backpack, or to hang it outside the backpack.


Rough to the tent bottom plug will not scratch the hand. As the inner tent bend fold flat pad in the backpack bag, the bag into the tent pole; on this plane carrying system, not easily broken; flysheet gently in the articles in the backpack on the surface of waterproof when it rains, can quickly draw out when poncho, if 225 can also put out a curtain rod when the canopy or cooking bags can be used as a tent hall; moisture-proof cushion, the moisture-proof pad and aluminum thin pad roll together inside a plug to a backpack hanging, relieved, little money.


If you have any other comment about this,welcome to contact me to discuss this.thank you.


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