How To Choose A Best Travel Sleeping Bag

- Dec 22, 2017 -

travel sleeping bag.jpgThere is a lot of research on travel sleeping bags recently. Here is a little idea. I hope you can have a warm discussion.Let's see what kind of travel sleeping bag we want.

1.I hope it's completely waterproof, so you can avoid sleeping in a damp travel  sleeping bag at night and get a good night's sleep.You can also get less money for a waterproof bag, which can be replaced by garbage bags.And bring with you the compression belt, which can save our backpacking space.

2.The down travel sleeping bag must be made of anti-velvet fabric. It is found that the used down travel  sleeping bag is not anti-velvet, and the plush travel sleeping bag is full of duck hair.

3.There should be a closing in the shoulder to avoid the wind, because the size of the shoulders and head is too big, only the head is in the mouth, but the shoulder is still empty.

4.It's better to splash out on the outer fabric of your travel sleeping bag than it is.

5.The size of the Asian body and the ability to withstand cold are very different from that of europeans. We need to follow our physico-produced travel sleeping bags according to our physiques.Lest someone say a 10-degree travel sleeping bag is still cold at 0 degrees.At least I think the same 650g down travel sleeping bag makes 2.25M (usually the length of the travel sleeping bag) and make 2.It's even 1.The warmth of 8M (many girls this length is enough) is completely different.

Above is my understanding of the travel sleeping bag I wish to have.Here are a few more questions

How big are the differences between dupont and dupont cotton bags?

Why some down travelsleeping bags are filled with 650g of velveteen and add other fillings.

I want you to talk about that

travel sleeping bag.png

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