How To Choose The Professional Camping Tent

- Jan 08, 2018 -

A heart-free tent outdoors will give you a sweet dream. But it took a lot of people choose tent to consider, in addition to the budget, camping, activity environment, even the tent fabric material, the size of the internal space, are all need to be considered, while hundreds of tents, on the market is difficult to have a tent can be one hundred percent for all of your needs! So the smart thing to do is decide which factors are important to you and then narrow down the selection to fit your tent. Let's take a look at some of the players' real experience, and hopefully help you find a tent.

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Tent white paper

Tents are designed with different USES and different styles. In terms of the shape of the tent, there are generally five types of tents.

Triangle tent: the front and rear USES a herringbone iron pipe as a bracket, the middle frame is connected by a crossbar, and the internal account is propped up, and the external account can be installed. This is the most common style of tent in the early days.

Dome shaped tent (also known as Mongolian bag) : it is the most popular style in the market.

Hexagonal tent: three or four crossbars are used, and some are designed with six strokes, focusing on the stability of the tent, which is the common style of "alpine type" tent.

After bottom shape tent: hold up like a locked over the boat, and can be divided into two pole, three different ways of support, generally in the middle of the bedroom, two head for TingPeng, pays attention to the wind flow in the design, is one of the common style tents.

Tent roof shape: shape is like a small independent roof, support is usually the corners of four columns, similar to the structural formula of roof rack above a ridge, the tent is compared commonly big, bulky, and suitable for motorists or camping use relatively fixed field operations, therefore is called car tents.


Manufacturers often use according to the amount of the number one into account, two tents account account, account for four, five, six books, eight people, and of course could accommodate more tents we can according to individual demand to choose suitable for the size of the tent.


The tents used for family camping are generally heavier than those used for mountaineering, and if you are going to do mountaineering, the weight of the tent is important. If you can't carry it, where do you sleep at night? The tents suitable for mountaineering are usually made of high-tech materials with lighter weight and suitable for highly mobile outdoor activities, but the price is higher. Camping tents usually adopt the general material, the weight is heavier, not very suitable for portable bearing, usually carried on the cart, put up again after arriving at our destination, the price is relatively cheap, so should be considered when choosing a tent use conditions to choose.


Most people tend to choose favorite color according to individual be fond of, but if you want to reduce the impact on the natural environment, low light green and brown palladium is a good choice, high brightness color tent besides looks bright eye, and the advantages of easy to search. In addition, the color of the tent will affect the light and temperature inside the tent, and the high brightness of the tent will have high light transmittance, while the heat will also be high. Low light tent light penetration will get less, will block off some natural heat of the sun give us affect the people in the activities of the tent, especially in the case of the bad weather can feel the difference of the two more.

Curtain rod

The material of the current account is mainly glass fiber, aluminum alloy and carbon fiber. Tubular fibre glass curtain rod are by far the most commonly adopted curtain rod, may fold, through elastic rope will curtain rod together, in each section of the curtain rod end with aluminum alloy to increase strength, slightly soft and elastic, but under the environment of low temperature cause curtain rod broken happens, in the event of curtain rod broken situation will not be able to reach the effect of support.

Aluminium alloy curtain rod in the curtain rod is also very popular on the market, using the same combination with glass fiber, weight like glass fiber, but the strength and durability is better, under low temperature environment still has good support, but it is difficult to repair after one thousand tent pole broken or damaged, so must carry spare curtain rod case one thousand.

The carbon fiber account is lightweight, and in the existing ledger, its durability can be said to be the best, the performance in low temperature environment is excellent, but the price is the most expensive in all accounts.

Tent door

In general, we do not recommend cooking in the tent, because the fabric of the tent is flammable. Once exposed to the fire, it will burn up quickly, but what if it should rain outside? You can't cook in the rain! So some camping tents, in the design of the kitchen door canopy attached account, space is small, mostly, which is based on the considerations of weight is different, some tents in the import and export design can block rain, the door of the tent can cooking on the one hand, on the other hand can also be placed personal bag, shoes, such as personal equipment, to avoid get wet by rain, under the use of the efficient, perhaps even more of a person's living space.


Tents are covered with waterproof nylon cloth to resist rainwater infiltration. Good water-proof tents will be covered with waterproof glue to increase water resistance. The cloth of the main account or the inside account is not as good as the external account, but will have good air permeability. The ground cloth of the tent is the same as the outside account, should be able to prevent moisture from the surface infiltration, so the waterproof of the ground cloth is very necessary, the choice must pay attention.


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