How To Extend The Using Life Of The Camping Tent

- Dec 28, 2017 -

When you receive the camping tents and back from outside activities, the next one to problems is how to carry out cleaning and maintenance, a lot of the time is not a tent quality is bad, but due to your wrong operation tent life is significantly reduced, together today to discuss what kind of operation is harmful to the tent, how to operate?

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1. Why can't a tent be cleaned with a washing machine?

Neither Pulsator washing machine or platen washing machine we can not put the dirty tents in cleaning.As the tent material will tear easily when washing machine is in the process of turning, and in the process of dry the tents will mass into a ball and damage the tent coating thoroughly, dandy, greatly affect the usage life of the tents and waterproof effect. Wash with water by hand, use non-alkaline detergents, and scrub with cloth in particularly dirty parts.

2. Don't fold the tent at will!

As the saying goes, tent is easier than closed tent, for not receive tents, tents and receive is one of the most tangled, account in the tent with you size, open fashion so tight, installed just scrap the skylight to plug into, folding tent is skilled, actually we common triangular tents, for example, first we need to remove the curtain rod, the external accounts from the top pull out four Angle merged into two Angle, is a fan stand on the ground, outside the second episode account twice fold in half along the center line on both sides, make the width of the external accounts is equal to twice the tent receive bag, finally the last fold, width is equal to the width of the receive bag outside account, choose one side to the top ranking paper, this part is a LiQiHuo is also the most important step, if not to the strength, the inside of the tent no air pressure, still can not put into to receive a bag, don't step for fear of red tape and optional put the tent in discarded, otherwise spent a lot of money in the end how long useless tents throughout life lay the height.

3. Clean up the tent scaffolding regularly!

Common glass fiber tent pole usually consists of vacuum round rod, internal elastic rope connected, in use process of tent pole will be more or less into the sediment, if failed to clear in time, the sediment dry after damage to the tent pole, inconvenient for loading and unloading process. In particular, sand and sand are more harmful to the tent pole, and filling the tent pole with fine sand makes it difficult to disassemble. So try to wash down the sediment in the tent pole with water after the use of it, and then put it away after the tent pole is dried.

4. Do not place the camping tent in the dark and damp corners.

Learn to use a good habit of tents, even waterproof ability good tent, you can't stand the damp environment, humid environment will to corrosion of tents, and damp not ventilated environment encourages the growth of bacteria tent, outdoor is already healthy thing originally, because of the improper preservation tent to appear health problems do more harm than good. So try to put the tent in a ventilated place every time you clean it, but don't put it directly in the sun.

5. Do not use gasoline, 84 disinfectant, or other stimulant to clean the tent!

Camping tent normally does not need to use detergent to clean, it can wipe with normal wet towel, if flysheet is very dirty, please try to choose mild detergent, do not use strong alkaline or strong acidic detergent, also forbids the use of chemical cleaning agents such as gasoline, 84 disinfectant, these chemicals will not only hurt the tent waterproof layer and will cause harm to human health, especially the 84 strong alkaline disinfectant, strong corrosion resistance, if not fully clean up, residual disinfectant will direct contact with the skin, in the event of accident consequence will be unimaginable.

6. Keep away from fire

The tent material is not fireproof, please do not close to the fire source, ensure the outdoor leisure is happy and safe. If you need to cook in the tent, keep the fire away from the cover or use the fire prevention board to isolate the flame. When cooking, people should not leave the tent, prepare the fire fighting plan, and install the exhaust fan to remove the lampblack. Before setting up the tent, keep the floor clean and comfortable.

If there is any other good cleaning suggestion,pls contact me,thank you


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