How To Judge A Tent Wind Resistance Strong Enough

- Jan 12, 2018 -

For tents, when we think about not only the weight, but also the anti-wind problem.Every time I see a friend took the fish ridge structure tents to high altitude long term I will be worrying for him, pray that he will have good luck, don't meet bad weather, high altitude long hiking with fish ridge structure tent that is typical of sacrifice wind resistance to save weight.

The tent has a lot of shape, the person that see is dazzled, want to distinguish which one tent is good to fight the wind is also a headache thing, this period share a few simple judge tent to resist wind good method.

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It can be seen from the observation that this mountain account has a large number of accounts, a large number of crossing points, and a large number of wind ropes and a lot of ground nails, which are the elements of a good wind-proof tent. Mountain tents are good for the wind, but they are not suitable for regular camping. We still have to find them in the regular tent.

The same shape of the tent pole is better than the buckle. Of course, the fastener is easier to build, but it is more resistant to the wind and the strength of the tent fabric can be used to assist the stronger wind resistance. Therefore, the mountain account is basically a stick type.

The typical type of tent, which is more simple, is the mainstream form of the conventional tent.

A wind - resistant tent will not be used in a three - way structure on the tent pole. The use of tee structure can make the tent form is more changeable, can also maintain a balance between space and weight is very good, but tee structure mechanical characteristics was destined to the weak spot on it would be a complete set of curtain rod, any wind resistance to highlight some tents will not use tee structure.

The amount of the tent pole is proportional to the wind resistance.

The more the number of accounts, the more intersections, the better the wind will be, and the frog accounts in the regular tent.

The fish ridge shape tent is not strong enough to resist wind. This type of tent will be very light, but the support tent is short, the tent pole will use three links, the side windward side will not be strong enough to withstand the strong wind, this kind of tent is suitable for regular line use.

The wind of the pyramid tent is very strong. Many friends natural for this use sticks to support the tent is not trust, don't think curtain rod, just sticks with a will is very unstable, actually such fears are unreasonable, contrary wind resistance ability is very strong in the form of the tent. This tent is the principle of the triangular geometry principle, the triangle is the most solid geometry, tent, tent fabric and ground form a triangle, three line of the vertical pyramid tent section is a triangle, so structure tent is very stable.

Eventually return to set up problems, however, the nail and wind rope is the key to realize tent wind resistance, the nail as the foundation of the house, the foundation dozen of prison, house can be built, so the tent must play the nail, the full form of tents, tent firmly fixed on the ground, so as to make tents more wind. When choosing a tent, we should not only look at the light weight, but also see that the wind energy can not meet the requirements, and do not sacrifice the wind for the sake of weight.

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