How To Receive The Hollow Cotton Sleeping Bag?

- Jan 09, 2018 -

hollow cotton sleeping bag.jpgThe sleeping bag is divided into feather, hollow cotton, common cotton, and fleece, etc., which are divided into two categories: down and cotton.The cotton sleeping bag is basically the hollow cotton sleeping bag.Fold hollow cotton sleeping bag is nothing more than random into and roll up two ways, but due to the nature of each of the sleeping bag material is different, their fold and storage each are not identical, let's hollow cotton sleeping bag to receive a special talk about waterproof.

Hollow cotton sleeping bag:

The hollow cotton sleeping bag is developed with the development of artificial fiber technology. It can keep warm by expanding the fiber gap and insulating the hollow fiber.So hollow cotton sleeping bag is superior to the feather of local pride and hollow cotton sleeping bag after wet can still has a part of the heat preservation performance, but its compressibility and weight than down sleeping bags, so hollow cotton sleeping bag cannot fully replace feather products.

Similar to the down sleeping bag, most of the hollow cotton sleeping bags have a three-dimensional structure, so there are two ways of folding.Here we don't particularly refer to that way of doing better, believe that you will gradually develop a fixed habit in your use and find the most suitable outdoor sleeping bag for you.

hollow cotton sleeping bag.png

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