How To Select A Best Mountaineering Sleeping Bag?

- Dec 22, 2017 -

mountaineering sleeping bag.jpgThere are now three major mountaineering sleeping bags, rectangular (also known as envelope), mummies, and mixed.The rectangle is mainly used for summer travel, because it is more spacious and comfortable, but it is much less warm than the mummy.

A long - side mountaineering sleeping bag at the same temperature is much heavier than the other two.

The mummified mountaineering sleeping bag takes advantage of the outdoor sports.

Sleeping in a mummy cannot be turned over, so tall people are not comfortable.But because it is absolutely essential to keep warm outdoors, most people are sensible enough to choose the mummy.In addition, the weight of the mummy is the smallest in several mountaineering sleeping bags.

Mixed type is also called half rectangle.It's more spacious than a mummy, smaller than a rectangle, and a better compromise.

Most of the products of professional outdoor products are mummies and only a few manufacturers offer mixed type.If you need to buy a sleeping bag for a trip to Tibet, please pay attention to the following questions:

1.Try to buy down sleeping bags.

The synthetic material is packed in a sleeping bags that is about the size of a down bag but is much larger.In addition, the synthetic material is filled with a heavier bag.The down sleeping bag is relatively expensive, but it has a high thermal performance and is smaller in weight than man-made materials.Choosing a down bag can't be just a reference to the temperature scale, since many of the sleeping bags are based on the physique of europeans and americans.

Generally speaking, Asian people have relatively low cold resistance, so they need to add 10-20 degrees to the temperature of their sleeping bags.Because of the uneven quality of outdoor products, you can buy a sleeping bag and go to the mall to fill it.

In the mall, the most part is to let the blackheart merchants sell the duck down to you with goose down, and the other relative fraud opportunities are very small.Duck down is cheap, goose down is expensive, but the actual warmth is not very different.Generally, it's enough to fill 800 grams to 1, 000 grams of velvet.When choosing, be sure to pick the velvet with high purity.80-90% -90% of pure velvet is better.American brands of sleeping bags, more than 700fill-power, are very fluffy.

2.There are many sleeping bags that can be used for double sleeping bags.When you buy a sleeping bags, buy a different zippered sleeping bag with your partner.In general, the man buys the right zippered mountaineering sleeping bag and the woman buys a zippered mountaineering sleeping bag.

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