How To Take The Winter Down Sleeping Bag?

- Jan 09, 2018 -

winter down sleeping bag.jpgThe sleeping bag is divided into feather, hollow cotton, common cotton, and fleece, etc., which are divided into two categories: down and cotton.Folding bags are nothing more than random stuffing and rolling, but because of the properties of the material, they are stacked and stored in different ways, so let's talk about their respective ways.

1.Winter down sleeping bag:

Winter down sleeping bags are formed by the expansion of the down feather to create an air thermal insulation layer.To provide sufficient expansion space for down and feather, professional stitching Winter down sleeping bag is stereo, that is to say, in the sleeping bag of material and fabric is not stitched together directly, but by a vertical line to connect.In this way, the space inside the Winter down sleeping bag is changed from a pocket to a box, thus ensuring the expansion space of the down.

Introduction can be seen from the above structure, no matter how you fold the way, are in fact will flatten Winter down sleeping bags in the three-dimensional space, so for the Winter down sleeping bags, in theory, you can use any one way to collect fold.However, from our practical experience, the optional Winter down sleeping bag has better compressibility than the rolled sleeping bag.And in theory, randomly packed Winter down sleeping bags have a strong randomness, which does not cause a site to age prematurely because of repeated folds.On the contrary, the rolled Winter down sleeping bag will have a more permanent fold, making it more prone to aging.But, you don't too strict, because aging is theoretically, in be used actually, because the zipper is damaged, has been scraped and causing Winter down sleeping bag cannot use situation than aging due to closed stack is much bigger.

In addition, the Winter down sleeping bag should be stored in a bag that is twice as large as the original sleeping bag when it is not used for a long time, so that the feather will not be affected by long time compression.

winter down sleeping bag.png

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