What Is Tent Material Made Of

- Jan 17, 2018 -

The quality of the tent, design is a factor, but more crucial is the selection of materials. The material can be divided into fabric, lining material, base material, pole, etc.

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Generally speaking, the material of the same label, the density is different, so the tensile strength and the waterproof pressure are also different. Nylon is thin and light compared to different fabrics and is suitable for hiking and hiking. Oxford cloth is thick, but heavy, suitable for the use of camping or small groups of tents. From waterproof coating, PVC waterproof is good, but it will be hard and brittle in winter, prone to creases or fractures. PU coating can not only overcome the defects of PVC, but also waterproof. The PU with multiple coating, waterproof pressure can reach 2000mm above.

The tent material (internal tent material) is usually made of cotton nylon with good air permeability. From the point of view, nylon silk is better than cotton. Camping in the outside, the tent is easy to absorb moisture, cotton is not easy to dry mildew, nylon silk is easy to dry and not moldy.

The main function of the tent bottom is waterproof, moisture-proof and dustproof. The selection of the base material also determines the level of the tent. Low-grade tents usually do PE base, also some use PVC, is of low cost, double the PE film, although has the function of waterproof, moistureproof, but wear easily leakage, winter is the bane of the PVC base, and PU coating made base of Oxford cloth, whether consistence, cold resistance, water proofing property is much more than the PE.

The tent pole is the skeleton of the tent. The advantages and disadvantages of the skeleton material not only affect the life of the tent, but also affect the stability of the tent. Early tent poles were often made of reinforced materials, which not only increased the weight of the tent but also had poor resilience. Improved tent frame chose fiberglass poles, reduced its component, resilience, and the cost is low, so the tent manufacturers choose this kind of material do more poles, but the strength of fiberglass poles and robustness are not very ideal, if by bold poles to increase strength, but also increase the weight. Ideal poles of aluminum alloy material, with high strength alloy pipe connection poles, not only high strength, and the quality is light, back stretch is very good, especially in aerospace aluminum EASTON poles, various indicators have reached excellent condition, so much for high-grade tents.

The main performance index of the tent is generally against wind, rain and stability, and the high altitude tent also requires light weight and small volume. A performance excellence mountain tents, usually selects the high quality nylon laceration resistant structure of woven fabric, plus more than 2000 mm waterproof coating, waterproof degrees pressure rubber processing craft on the joint, promise you can in the environment of the heavy rain, not affected by wind and rain. If you use a high-strength EASTON pole to make a skeleton, even a gale above the level of 8 will protect you. Yet expensive, generally the market price is in 2000 yuan of above, if use GORE company doing the outside ACTIVEN fabrics and can save the account in the structure, and can reduce weight, smaller volume, and the resistance to water, breathable, prevent water performance is better, but the price will be higher.

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