What Is The Best Camping Tent To Buy

- Jan 09, 2018 -

Prices have been the main factors for many friends to choose the camping tents,but ignore the need for the tent.

Generally,The pricing factors of outdoor tent price include tent design, tent material and tent brand effect.

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First is outdoor tent design: outdoor tents are important equipment for camping, but not the only equipment. Camping is mainly to prevent wind, rain, dust, dew, moisture-proof, provide a relatively comfortable rest environment for campers. The main consideration is the structure and the number of users.

1.Single-room tent: the space is designed for sleeping only, focusing on reducing the volume and weight, usually with tents of single, double and 3-4 people, often used for hiking.

Hall structure type of tent: in addition to sleeping space and set up the door, in the wind, the rain has more superiority on the outside, also set up a space for existence equipment, common in road vehicle tents or disaster relief tents.

2.the tent is divided into a single layer/double layer/triple layer and other structures.

Single-layer tent: advantages are light, economical, small size, simple production process, mainly for leisure users.

Double layer tent: it adds a good air permeability to the single layer, and mainly solves the contradiction of the water in the inner wall of the single-layer tent. Because in cooler season, the heat that the body removes is under the action of the cold air outside the tent, will be in the tent inside the wall condensation water, the water will flow down the inside of the tent will be wet sleeping bag. After the internal account is added, the external account is not connected directly to the bottom of the account. The heat released by the human body will be scattered through the internal account net and will be deposited on the external account to the ground.

Three layer tent: three layer in double account account plus a layer MianZhang, further enhance the heat preservation effect, the environment of the tents 10 degrees below zero in use, as well as rise of temperature in the account to zero, the tents are relatively rare on the market at present, generally found in alpine explorers using professional, such as the Himalayan mountains.

Personal advice: single tent is mainly suitable for the warm region or season, double tents for cool or cold season, this tent is currently the most common, is a casual users and general outdoor hiking the best choice.

Second:Tent material and performance: the quality of the tent, design is a factor, but more crucial is the selection of materials. Materials can be divided into fabric, lining cloth, base, poles and so on, the general said, with the label of the fabric, the density, tensile strength and water pressure are also different, compared different fabrics, nylon silk thin and light, choose suitable for hiking and camping, Oxford cloth, thick but heavier, camping or small groups to use for the production of tents.

1. Tent material: usually made of cotton nylon with good air permeability. From the point of view, nylon silk is better than cotton. Camping in the wild, tents are very easy to absorb moisture, cotton cloth is not easy to dry mildew, nylon silk is easy to dry and not mold.

2. Tent waterproof processing: currently, the most common is PU, relatively early excellent waterproof performance of PVC, PU coating overcome PVC winter hair hard, brittle, and prone to crease or fracture defects, PU coating process for many times, waterproof pressure can reach more than 2000 mm.

3. Bottom: main function is waterproof, moisture-proof, dustproof. Base also determines the grade of the tent, the choice of the low-grade leisure tents usually do PE base, and is of low cost, double coated PE, although has the waterproof, moisture-proof function, on abrasion leakage, inferior at Oxford.

Oxford cloth as a base material, whether strong, cold resistance, or water resistance is much larger than PE, but the price is more expensive than PE.

4. Tent pole: the pole is the skeleton of the tent. The advantages and disadvantages of the tent pole material not only affect the life span of the tent, but also affect the stability of the tent. Now common are: glass fiber rod, general aluminum rod (domestic), South Korea DAC pole (one kind of aluminum bar).

Third:Brand effect: it is mainly related to advertising expense and influence, and various operating costs, such as logistics and after-sales service.


If only is not very cold in the spring, summer, autumn three season to a more comfortable beach or park for leisure activities, so there is no need to consider too much, fiberglass rod of single or double three quarters of the bill is ok, coefficient of waterproof also need not too much rain is about the same.

If have go out to play outdoor at ordinary times, like hiking, it is recommended that the choice aluminium pole double account with lighter, to save energy, because the outdoor weather change is bigger optional proposal to buy waterproof coefficient of more than 1500 mm can prevent rain tents, mountainous area ground clutter is more at the same time, so we suggest tents Oxford cloth as the backing, would be a good wear resistance.

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