What Is The Hiking Tents (Seasonackpacking Tent)

- Jan 10, 2018 -

About hiking tents (also called Seasonackpacking Tent), the classification of books, journals and the Internet has a lot of articles. However, due to the enough thoroughly, the article said there are still some travelers can still can't distinguish the account three seasons (3 - Season) and the four seasons account (4 - Season), some even questioned the meaning of the divided three season tent and the four seasons tent.

The hiking tent can be divided into different types according to the number of people (Sleeping Capacity), Seasons, construction methods, Shape, and Packed Weights.

All the hiking tents listed in the classification are arranged in alphabetical order according to their brand names.

At the same time, different kinds of tents in the same classification method have their advantages and disadvantages in building difficulty level, wind resistance, comfort and durability, and they need to be compared.

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1. According to the number of people, the walking tent can be divided into single, double, three, four or more. Generally speaking, the first number that appears after the foreign hiking tent brand and model is a few, the walking tent is a few people account, more straightforward.The foreign hiking tent is designed according to the size of foreigners, and the interior is generally spacious. If you are in a normal shape, you can squeeze two people into a single account. You can squeeze three people into a double account. And so on.

While hiking tents of interior space is bigger, the stronger the living comfort, but outside the tent Pole (Pole), the bill account within (Fly), the account (Canopy) and bottom (Floor) the required materials are, the more the greater the packing weight and volume.

A Good tent is actually the Good space-to-weight Ratio of internal Space and packing weight.

The double account is more practical than a single one and three people's account: a person is more spacious than a single person, but does not have much weight or volume. When three people live, it is not too crowded, but the weight is much lighter and the volume is much smaller.

2. According to the season, hiking tents can be divided into three seasons, four seasons and mountain tents. Strictly speaking, three seasons account can only be used in spring, summer, autumn three seasons, the four seasons account can be used in any season of the year round, mountain tents called adventure account (Expedition Tent), can only be used when climbing mountains or across the polar. Of course, there are those who carry three seasons to climb four girls mountain and other snow-capped mountains. But, to be blunt, he is playing with his life.

3. Set up the inside account first, then put on the external account. 3. According to the construction method, the hiking tent can be divided into internal wear (hanging) and internal hook. The so-called "inside" (hanging) outside, refers to the hole that passes through the inside account, or hooks the hook inside the inside account to the tent pole.In recent years, many tents have been built to improve the speed of construction, and began to abandon the inside and replace them.The so-called internal hook external hanging, refers to because the inside account has already been hooked in the inside account, only need to put the hook on the outside account to hang on the tent pole.

In severe weather like blizzards (rain) and extreme cold, the tent can be built at a speed of less than 1 second, sometimes endangering the lives of outdoor athletes. Because of the cumbersome construction process and slow construction, it is seldom seen. The internal hook is built with an Exoskeleton and is built at a rapid pace. Therefore, even in the rainstorm construction, the inside account will not be soaked by the rain. However, the vast majority of hiking tents are still inside.

A good four seasons account or mountain account, in fact, is the perfect unity of strength and construction speed.

4. According to the external shape, the hiking tent can be divided into Mongolian tent (dome), frog tent, tunnel tent and pyramid tent.

5. According to the packing weight, the hiking tent can be divided into general ledger and super light account. A common account is a tent with a heavy weight.The so-called ultralight account refers to the brand name and model after which it is equipped with a small tent, such as Feather Light, Super Light or Ultra Light. In recent years, with the rise of hiking, the Gear, especially lightweight tents, has become more and more popular. Therefore, the foreign foot tent manufacturer can reduce the weight of the tent by changing the material, changing the structure, reducing the space and so on. For example, the tent pole is replaced by aluminum alloy and Carbon Fiber, and the internal and external accounts are discarded using nylon for Cuben Fiber.


In addition to the five main classification methods mentioned above, there are also six secondary classification methods: first, there is a rod tent and a non-stick tent (the pyramid tent is). Second, according to the material of the ledger, it can be divided into FRP bar, aluminum alloy rod tent, carbon fiber rod account and aluminum carbon alloy rod account. Third, according to the coating material, can be divided into Polyurethane coating and Silicon Oil coating tent; Fourth, according to the number of layers, can be divided into a single layer (pyramid tent is) and double ledger; Fifth, according to the fixed mode, can be divided into self-supporting tent (Mongolian tent is) and non-self-supporting tent; Sixth, according to the number of tents, can be divided into one - door tent (frog) and double - door tent.

Any hiking tent can be classified according to the above 11 methods, and must belong to a certain category under some classification method.

There is never the best hiking tent in the world, only the most suitable hiking tent. Therefore, it is a good tent for those who are suitable for the user's purchasing power, fit for the physical strength, the number and size of the occupant, and suitable for the weather and terrain of the campsite.

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