What Is The Outdoor Tent Classification In Details?

- Jan 03, 2018 -

When you're ready to spend the night in the wilderness, you can choose a tent, a sleeping bag, a tarp, a snow hole, or a shelter. The tent is the most commonly used way, because it is easy to set up, can waterproof, repeated use, at the same time can be set to any location, and wind, sun protection, internal have enough space for climbers placement equipment. For friends who have entered the outdoors, we should know the types of tents and what kind of tent is suitable for our current travel routes.

Tent benchmark: we first come to understand the product, how the tent is a good tent it is: space, function, weight, humanization, beautiful combination. Space: the width of the tent is proportional to the width of the person's shoulder by about 50cm.

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1) Double space 220cm x 135cm, height 105cm is a reasonable double standard. Such space will bring comfort to everyone, there will be no pressure. The legs will also have plenty of room for camping supplies such as backpacks.

2) Function: the function of a tent is generally manifested in the prevention of wind, rain and snow, mosquitoes, ventilation, this is the basic function, with these basic functions, you can be in the outdoors to sleep a good sleep.

3) About weight: generally a double account at about 2 kg weight, the basis of a single account at around 1.5 kg, the weight of this should already be in the acceptable range, on the premise of guarantee function is more and more light, of course, is a trend, but some of the products in order to reflect is very light weight, with a diameter of 7.5 mm curtain rod and thin fabrics such as fabric under 15 d specifications, etc., on the basis of the weight also destroyed the windproof and wear-resisting performance, personally, I think it is not advisable. Light quantification is too much pursuit and blind, but loss of comfort and space. There are also some non-self-sustaining products, which are also very difficult for the junior mountain friends to control. Such as there are some products are enclosed single account (such as A single tower, the products are mainly used for temporary use uv block wind block rain, there are A lot of mosquitoes in the outdoor ants mouse, it is hard to prevent this type of single layer structure, the primary four camping is not recommended.

4) Tent human: what is a humanized design, is to fully consider the encountered in the process of consumers in the use of the natural factors, such as: consider the external accounts can convenient pass in and out of the door in the rainy season. The account outside the door of the zipper position to be within easy reach. One can expand the hall, door should have enough auxiliary space for equipment, vents try to be opposite, let air convection, vents fixed position as far as possible on high, cold air will produce the breath and body heat up evaporation can be smoothly so that the heat evaporate, reduce condensation water and reduce the frost phenomenon. Also improve some small details, such as storage bag, lights, etc... The best design of the external ledger should be highlighted, which will help the top of the water to be well separated. This will give a good indication of the shape of a tent.

Type of tent

1. Mountain tents

Mainly function embodied in the wind, and wind resistance mainly depends on stents to reflect, USES in the majority of the rod cross structure, form a rod and rod auxiliary force to achieve the best wind resistance, of course, the disadvantages of this structure is beyond the weight of exception, so this kind of equipment highly specific, is generally for adventure professionals, mountain tents and a main function is to keep warm, warm now type in the account of the fabric is a layer of resin paste, this kind of fabric is warm and has certain permeability.

2. 4 season tent

4 seasons, as the name implies, designed for customers who love to camping, and mountain tents different is that it does not necessarily have a strong wind resistance, but has good ventilation breathable function, relative mountain tents lighter weight, spring, summer, autumn and winter give attention to two or morethings, general this kind of product has a large double door, one is using the ventilation net cloth used to three season, is a layer of breathable fabric used to warm in winter, this kind of structure is the most obvious feature of the account of the four seasons.

3. 3 season tent

Designed for spring, summer, autumn, is to dominate the global tent market products, because the account three seasons is ordinary consumers major camping season, is also one of the most abundant reasons each big brand product line. In our country in the southern region, a good base for three seasons account can handle even a four year camp's basic requirements, the function of the tent is mainly aimed at its ventilation, southern region especially when camping at night, the body releases a lot of heat and gas breathing, atmospheric pressure and low in rainy weather, the body to release gas encountered outside account of difference in temperature can reflect the formation conditions, the formation of condensation water attached to the outer account above. This is important to the space flow of the external account, the external curtain of the three season account is generally waterproof index 1500mm~ 2000mm, this kind of cloth is more than enough for general precipitation. The current European and American markets in order to save costs as much as possible, now more and more three quarters of the bill was designed to account within the entire network structure. The account even without air vents, but the use of the internal and external accounts account sufficient isolation to increase ventilation.

4. Family tent

This kind of self-driving tent is very popular in Europe and the United States and Japan and South Korea. The tent space is large, and the design of the main hall and the bedroom is a good family gathering equipment.

Fastigium tents space is limited, but it's fun, such as the pyramid structure, appearance is glamorous, have certain technical requirements to the user, also is to through assisted wind rope to enhance the wind resistance, but because he has some streamline design, wind resistance performance if the basic structures, the comparison of equilibrium, the wind resistance rather than some cross tent is better.

5. Tunnel Tent

Actually tunnel account is one of the most respected in Europe, we have mastered it builds skills will have a crush on it, because it has the perfect space, good wind resistance, large hallway, tunnel account page part hanging type two kinds of structure and outside, especially hanging can let you in the construction of the bad environment quickly, and can avoid the shower of rain gear. HERRABAGE, a Swedish brand from northern Europe, is a classic hermeneutics of this kind of tent. The brand product updates are not very outstanding, but the style is very rigorous, their pursuit of the details are many brands do, their double coated silicon fabrics reached 10 kg of resistance. Even ordinary double silicone fabric only 8 kilograms, tunnel account support method is very simple, can choose the best DeDing of soft ground, pull the first bevel symmetrical four corners, then fix the rest of the fixed point, hard ground under the not DeDing can also use stones, sandbags to fixed, etc.

The structure of the tent

From the structure of the tent,it can divide into the DOME, the spire (A) ,TUNNEL and frog design. Dome tent we usually call it can stand on its own tent, we see most of the most common is cross, this tent structures, simple, the space is good, is the ideal choice of primary four, wind resistance of this kind of tent may be less, because of his windward side is equal, individual account is no good support, can only rely on the wind rope to balance and tensile strength of the fabric.

8 tips for choosing the tents:

1. The selection of tents should be based on their own use, such as summer, non-snow, snow or seasonal use. The number of people in the tent; The space you want to have; The weight of the tent; The price you can accept. The manufacturer offers a combination of different sizes, weights and designs that you can choose according to your needs.

2. No matter use tent is single or double type, the account must understand the degree of waterproof and breathable fabric, if completely waterproof, moisture will condense in the inside account appears at the bottom of the cause of small puddles, exhale the moisture are climbers, at the same time it is likely to be drenched sleeping bag.

3. A cheap, single-layer tent, which can only be used at the floor of the forest floor, must be well ventilated because the single-storey tent is completely waterproof and not breathable. So it's best to double it

4. Different tent designs have different support levels. You should consider your own use, especially the snow season.

5. Lightweight tents should be spacious and sturdy enough to cope with special needs.

6. Usually 2 person tent are the most commonly used tents, because they are easy to carry, easy to find camp, and three or single people can live.

7. The color of the tent is best in warm colors such as yellow, orange or red. When you are trapped, a prominent color can be easily found

8. The tent should avoid cooking, especially with gasoline. This kind of stove has a pungent smell, easy to spill fuel oil, and the fire is uncontrollable, this is a latent crisis. Especially in the tent of waterproof nylon fabric cooking often have seed the feeling of suffocation, cooking can also cause the account together many small water droplets, if there is a need to tent cooking, both inside and outside the ventilation of the tents.


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