What Is The Shape Of A Tent

- Jan 11, 2018 -

In the previous article, we Shared a lot about the classification of tents, and I believe you have a general understanding of the tent.

According to the shape of dividing

According to the shape, tents can be divided into: a-line tents, pyramidal tents, triangular house tents, yurts, tunnel tents, mixed form of A tent.

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The triangle house tent.

From tent look ahead, it is a triangle, often used in youth (collectively referred to as foreign boy scout activities, is an international, carried out in accordance with the specific method of youth social movement).

The advantages of such tents are simple design and light weight. The disadvantage is that it is unstable when the strong wind blows. The room is small (because the two sides of the tent are tilted and the space is smaller).

Dome tent

The most common tent on the market is made of two, three or four accounts.

The advantage of this kind of tent is that it can stand alone, with strong wind resistance and comfortable activity space. The disadvantage is that it is heavier.

The tunnel tent

The basic shape of the tent is a semicircle of accounts that are not intersected with each other. Usually, the tunnel account is low and cannot stand on its own. It needs to be fixed by the tent pole and wind rope to make the shape.

The advantage of tunnel tent is the strength (because of low, the wind area is small), light weight, set up fast (as long as wear a good tent pole, two sides a pull can) etc.

Pyramid tent

The tent was propped up by a tent pole to form a pyramidal shape. Usually single layer, waterproof fabric, some tents will include the floor mat design. The advantages of the tent are light, and its disadvantages are small strength, poor function and bad weather.

In the case of using the same material and using the same area, the index comparison of the triangle roof tent, the dome tent and the tunnel tent:

Strength: dome tent, tunnel tent, > triangular-shaped tent.

Weight: triangular-shaped tent, > tunnel tent.

Space sense: tunnel tent > dome > triangle house tent.

Convenience: the dome of the yurt - a triangle - shaped tent > tunnel tent.


The above is a simple classification of the shape of the tent, and a simple comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of the three types of tents. It's about time for outdoor sports, and it's important to choose a tent that is right for you. Therefore, I hope that when you buy a tent, you should not ignore the practicality because of the gorgeous appearance, and the right one is the most important.

If you have any Suggestions or comments on this, please feel free to contact us.

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