What Should I Prepare For Family Camping

- Jan 05, 2018 -

John is a 9years old,he always know his father go camping with his friend,but never with him.One day,he talked to his father:

John:Daddy,I also want to go camping with you



you saw daddy promissed not so cooly,why?As it was his first time to go camping with his family,he did not know what he would prepare for family camping.Pls do not worry,today we would talk to you about the thing what you would prepare for the family camping.

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Where the best for install the family tent?

1. Safety first. Choose low altitude with your family

2. Close to the water. Cook wash from the boiling water, the first element of pitch camp. Choose a place near a stream, a lake, a river. But don't go straight on the beach so that the thunderstorm is flooded. In addition, the deep mountain forest water, there will be a wild animal, be careful.

3. The sun is full. The camp is best to choose the sunrise, where the sunshine time is longer. Warm and dry. The ground should be flat. The camp will not have roots and debris Chienshih not be convex or slope.

4. Close to the village. In short, lack of fuel or encounter unexpected events, you will understand the benefits of doing so.

5. Away from the cliff. The reason is that once there is a wind, the rolling stones, bowling and those of weathered rock will come to you. Stay away from debris flow. Many of the stones are covered with mud, indicating that the debris flow occurs here. Do not camp too close to the debris flow passage.

6. The lee.The air cooling effect field is the loss of mild illness, wind swept away the tent, you can make the ignition impossible, cooking and heating? It is better to camp on the flank of the leeward of the hills, the forest or the side of the forest, the cave and the ridge.

7. Do not camp in highland, trees, or open ground so as not to be struck by lightning

8. Pest control. Look carefully at the camp around whether pugmark, feces and nests, insect repellent, insect and scorpion prepared drugs and protective equipment. A circle of ash around camp, this anti snake, scorpion, poisonous and effective.

Choose the right camping tent and sleeping bag

Tents and sleeping bags are your house and bed in the field. A good house and a good bed will never worry you. When choosing a tent, pay attention to the following points:

1.Strong, windproof and rain proof and breathable, easy to receive, lightweight, easy to install.

2.The family camping, the spring summer and autumn 3 quarters of the double door tents are good.

3. At low altitude (less than 2000 meters), the ordinary PU1000 to 1500 glass Tent Tents will be sufficient.

4.Summer, the silver sky tent will make you have a pleasant experience, the silver can reflect the sun, the account is cooler.

5.Tents are not as big as possible. It is inconvenient to take too much weight and choose according to the actual number of people used.

6.Carefully check the battalion, the camp nail, the camping rope and so on. Whether the accessories and spare parts are ready, or not the original accessories.

Go to the camp in a good weather, the sleeping bag can be maintained in the limit is -5 degrees to 0 degrees,such as you plan to camp with your family at Autumn.


Take care of the rain and wear suitable according to the weather

It is also necessary to prepare a garment for the outdoors. Now the rain is so frequent that no one can guarantee that it's always sunny. But considering that your backpack needs to be lightweight, it's best to use composite equipment. A thin, water-resistant charge jacket is exactly what you need. For example, a new generation of GORE-TEX? Active products, using permanent surface rolling technology make water (PBS), and before all the GORE-TEX? Compared to products no longer need the outer surface cloth, instead of using two layers, the outer layer is GORE-TEX? Thin film, inside is a layer close to the skin's ultra light and comfortable lining. The unique surface of the film can make the liquid integrate with the water, and roll down the jacket, not only permanently and effectively, but also the surface no longer needs a layer of fabric. The new dress is 50% lighter than the original GORE-TEX? Active product. It is thinner, lighter and more embracing. The new product does not wear DWR coating, and does not need to use the dryer or heat treatment to restore its water transfer performance.

You also need to pay attention to your feet, the feet in the rain or the wet shoes for a long time, the consequences will be very bad. Wear shoes without toes when camping, and pay attention to its waterproof and breathable properties. Generally speaking, equipped with GORE-TEX? SURROUND? Technology is an ideal partner walking hiking shoes, 360 degrees of waterproof breathable, rain or shine can keep all-weather dry and comfortable, while preventing the foot worn and produce painful blisters.


In addition to the footprints, do not leave any trace

Believe in the love of camping in nature, you will also love nature, so you certainly don't want to do anything that destroys nature. So be sure to pay attention to no garbage, clean up the camp before leaving, and protect the environment. Please pick up the plastic bags and solid waste away; camping activities and a range of at least 60 meters away from the rivers and lakes; bathe or wash dishes will leave rivers and lakes 60 meters; the used water should be filtered to filter out the waste collector is placed into the appropriate, and then the water spilled around; the camp area as small as possible, using the built fire stoves cook; away from wild plants, do not interfere with wild animal hunting forbidden.


Finally, some tips

1.Carry life rescue knapsack: it contains clean water medicine or water purifier, a life saving knife (self defense and rescue model), bandage, wound cleanser and medical gloves.


2.Take care when you take a baby Camping:

Make sure that you and the child can stick to the end according to the camping plan(this plan should make with the child's condition (age, physical ability)).

Children must bring enough sunscreen, mosquito repellent, and anti cooling clothes, the necessary sunshade in summer, and long sleeved clothes on rainy days.

And the child's beforehand rehearse camping will meet the unexpected situation, help the child learn how to prevent lost, if lost how to do. Let them strengthen the rules of memory camping and remind them how to ensure safety.

In the evening, be sure to bring a flash or a fluorescent stick to the child.

3.In camping you need to pay attention to "pull the door"

The zipper of tents should be closed when tents are set up. Import account put the entrance of the tent up, prevent mosquitoes from small animal growth, if you want to have a good sleep.


Have a nice family camping journey,thank you!


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