Gopro Snorkel Mask

1.Material:PVC +PC+ Liquid Silicone
3.Feature:Large View GoPro Snorkel Mask
5.Character:Snorkel mask provides a 180┬░viewing area.
6.Packing:1* Gopro snorkel mask,1* Mesh bag to dry the mask.1* Gopro mount for diving with action camera

Product Details

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Gopro Snorkel Mask Specification

Item Name
Gopro Snorkel Mask
Item No.:STSM-001
Color availableGenerally,Blue,Black,Pink,Green available
Gopro,easybreath,wide view,and full face design mask for diving,snorkeling
Item MaterialPVC +PC+ Liquid Silicone
Packing Details:Snorkel mask with mesh bag

Are You Worried About Uncomfortable Snorkeling Experience?
Do You Hate Breathing Through a Tube in Your Mouth?
Are You Afraid of Being Choked By Water When Diving?
Do You Still Have to Overcome the Problem That You Have to Use Your Mouth Instead of Nose to Breathe?
If Your Answer is Yes,The Gopro Full Face Snorkeling Mask Will Change Your Experience,and You will Love Snorkeling.

How to Choose Snorkeling Mask Size?

Gopro Snorkel Mask Size Chart.jpg

Generally S/M is for childen and teenagers L/XL is for adult 
How to Use and Remove Mask: 
1.Put snorkel mask on and place head in water for ensuring no water entering into the mask. 
2.Breathe naturally when the dry top is above water. 
3.Remove the mask by placing your finger into the gap between the mask and your jaw, then push the mask upwards over your face. 

4.Package Contents: 1 x Snorkeling Mask, 1 x Breathing Tube, 1 x Bag of Mounting Accessories, 1 x User Manual, 1 x Mesh Bag for Storage

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GoPro Snorkeling Mask Q&A

Does it fog up when you are wearing it? also is it possible to use waterproof headphones ?It is Anti-fog & waterproof.
Can I wear this mask over prescription glasses, or would they break the seal?It is not allowed to wear prescription glasses.
Can someone tell me a head measurement for the S/M size?Pls reference to the above size chart.
Can this mask allow me to go underwater ?When you Submerged,the ball valve system will be activated and the mask doesn't flood, but you can't take a breath, obviously. Also, the pressure against your face increases. It is design for snorkel, not for diving, please take care about it.

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