Scuba Diving Mask Set DIVE IT With Dry Snorkel Anti-fogging Protection And Dual Strap System

1.dry snorkel technology Scuba Diving Mask and dual flexible strap
2.anti fogging glass with innovative protection
3.panoramic lens and easy adjustable buckles quality and 100 percent money back guarantee
5.snorkeling and freediving acceptable for use

Product Details

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  • Durable packaging Going on a cruise, you can easily put our diving set in any backpack; the reliable packaging will protect the mask and snorkel against damage. Snorkel set design created by using modern and patented manufacturing technology with 8 years of experience, the company’s team has tested product for a hundreds of hours.

  • Designed and made for  sea/ocean. Tempered safety glass of our innovative protection diving mask allows you to enjoy maximum underwater visibility in your adventures without any fogging problems.

  • The snorkel has anatomically convenient, soft silicone mouthpiece. Just fix the snorkel to the side of the diving mask and your set is ready to use. The dual strap system of our mask will help you to adjust for maximum comfort.

        DIVE IT set consists of:






1.The mask is equipped with diving valve for safe snorkeling. The breathing chamber design of diving mask doesn’t let water get into your mouth while you dive and prevents gagging; You don’t have to worry about the water in your snorkel, so you can breathe easily and nothing will intervene in you enjoying the underwater world. Just relax and use your time.

2.Do you like to spend your time outdoors and especially near the water? Do you like to go snorkeling and diving? We think you do! Diving Set for Snorkeling and Freediving, which will allow you to plunge into the world of underwater adventure. Mask made from soft silicone which firmly fits contours of your face without being to tight. Even while diving, you won’t get any water into your dive mask. Flexible strap for easy-snorkel wearing and fast regulation before diving.

3.Panoramic lens makes it easy to see everything around you. If you are amateur snorkeler                                                                  and you like diving this mask is perfect for you! Designed for both: adults and youth.



Buckles with dual position system and two buttons on each buckle help wear the diving mask strap precisely on your head, and secure the diving mask and snorkel.

Adjustable buckles design may feel you comfortable. Its will economy your time for wearing.

Buckles system is very easy to use, that's why our company prefer this technology for using in snorkel set production.

Push-buttons is very easy to use, just click them and adjust tension.

Fastening buckle elastically and the mask does not interfere during the dive.


Valve breathing chamber.jpg
  • Valve breathing chamber design stops water getting into your mouth while you dive and prevents gagging.

  • Optimized for surface snorkeling save your force

  • Snorkel has anatomically convenient soft silicone mouthpeace for enjoyable use.

  • Snorkel tip is equipped with protection inside of which is the protection against ingress of water.

Remove the protective film.jpg

  • Remove the protective film and start your trip.

  • Innovative protection allows you to enjoy maximum underwater visibility in you adventures without any fogging problems. That helps eliminates fogging and will keep you snorkeling trip longer.

  • 90 hours without it fogging up; Thanks to the anti-fog solution your trip will be much longer and more cognitive.

Dual head strap.jpg

  • Every thing is very simple - you need only to fix the snorkel to theside of the dicing maskand you set is ready to use.

  • It will let you to spend less time fussing your equipment and you will have more time enjoying your snorkeling experience.

  • Dual head strap with quick adjustability system of mask will help you to adjust fast.

Welcome to buy and wholesale our scuba diving mask set dive it with dry snorkel anti-fogging protection and dual strap system to enjoy your life better. As one of the leading lay bag suppliers in China, we offer not only the best quality air sofa but also the greatest relaxation of life.

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