4 Season Camping Tent Should Meet 4 Standards

- Jun 20, 2018 -

4 season camping tent should meet 4 standards

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The outdoor environment is changing rapidly, and the wind is blowing slowly. The sun shone, and within ten minutes the fog closed in, and then the wind and rain came. It rains cats and dogs down the mountain, but the sun shines in the mountains. This highlights the importance of the choice of sports equipment to ensure the health and comfort of outdoor athletes.

When we choose the four season camping tent,it should meet the following 4 standards:

1. Wind resistance

Winter and spring are windy, and outdoor sports may encounter strong winds.It can be windy outside sometimes, so when we choose the four seasons account, we should choose the aluminum account pole. When you meet the wind outside the account and the account will generally intact and tear phenomenon, aluminum curtain rod also did not break, but distorts, if choice before travel is fibre glass curtain rod, encountered strong winds will be broken. Therefore, when we choose a tent, we must choose the tent pole with wind resistance.

2. Dust and snow proof

Gauze of Inner tents dust-proof is poorer. When meet the wind ,it will come in a lot of soil, so the four seasons camping tent should choose the nylon fabric, so that we can not only block the dust, but also can avoid the tent to fill the wind.Otherwise when meeting the strong wind,we would find we were thin snow buried in the second day morning. The winds blow the snow to the yarn online, and then cut into thin ice under impact, through the gauze of inner tent, falls to the body. So the four seasons camping tent would be better to use nylon.

3. Spacious lobby

Low temperatures coupled with wind in the winter, which makes cooking outside of the four season camping tent more difficult and eat very suffered at night , so at this moment a spacious hall tent is very necessary, drill into the tent, set up in the foyer furnace to cook the food. Another,this hall can also put a backpack and other equipment at night .

4. Easy to set up

When encountering sudden weather outside, it is important to set up the tent immediately.So at this moment,it is important if this four season camping tent is easy to set up. The more pod of tents there are, the more difficult and time-consuming it is. In addition, the hands are almost frozen in the winter outsides in the evening, reducing flexibility of the hands,which making more difficult to set up tents.


So,when the four season camping tent meets the above normal standards,then we can consider other character,such as color,brand,and so on.

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