6 Kinds Of Design Style Lazy Sofa Cute

- Apr 20, 2017 -

Now the young people like to follow the nature of life, back to the home lying down watching TV, this time there is a couch on the more comfortable. Lazy sofa also called lazy bones, bean bag, beanbag software, Home Furnishing, in fact it's just a big bag, coat is pure cotton cloth, polyester cloth, suede, plush, set is made of breathable non-woven sleeve is good, is filled with high density polystyrene particles (also called styrofoam particles).

The size of the couch is about 150cm*100cm. It does not like ordinary sofa hale and hearty, walking is comfortable and easy route, and very easy to clean and move. The sofa can be classified according to the style can be divided into: aristocracy, lovers, design, science and technology, practical school and children.

1, designed to send lazy sofa:

Examples of cross-border cooperation in the home sector has been no lack of a wonderful performance, and now used in the design of lazy sofa also amazing. On the one hand is the sofa on the couch and the color of the bright and colorful, one side is the comfort of the ordinary sofa, a sense of touch and the body is very good. After sitting up, a bit like a childhood sleep buckwheat pillow feeling, wrapped in a particularly good, hardness than other lazy sofa slightly hard, so do not worry about completely sitting without shape. Therefore, this type of lazy sofa to sit from the appearance of a sense of unparalleled, and its distribution of aristocratic temperament is very suitable for urban white-collar simple home.

6 kinds of design style lazy sofa cute

2, children send lazy sofa:

Compared with adults, children may be more love in the world, the low position or climb or sit, therefore, suitable for children to sit the lazy sofa sofa appearance is normal, but after sitting up, I found it completely out of the couch like". Children can sit on the sofa back, you can also sit on the armrest, the original appearance of the sofa can even be tossed without a trace, and this is more in line with the children with sex, freedom of mind.

6 kinds of design style lazy sofa cute

3, couples send lazy sofa:

For some couples who like to snuggle up to each other, the individual is not only crowded and easily lead to competition. So, there lounger provides a new way for couples not seated, nor the sofa chair, but it can make people relax in a casual and comfortable sitting feeling at the same time, also meet two people talk a warm feeling. If you combine them around a large table, you can drink tea, chat, play cards. In addition, the surface material is easy to take care of.

6 kinds of design style lazy sofa cute

4, science and technology sent lazy sofa:

Because of the unique style, brightly colored, lazy sofa has always been a beautiful young representatives, but also by the fashion of young people of all ages. But most of the previous lazy sofa fabric, and occasionally splashed on the stain is not easy to clean, which is also a lot of people like lazy sofa, but it is not easy to move home one of the reasons. But today, the lazy sofa in the continuation of the previous colors at the same time, in the cloth wrapped in cloth sofa also make a fuss, after special processing technology, make the fabric has better anti oil antifouling properties.

6 kinds of design style lazy sofa cute

5, practical lazy sofa:

Handle at the top of the sofa design is very user-friendly, convenient for the color to move the sofa, elegant type, need dry cleaning.

6 kinds of design style lazy sofa cute

6, noble pie lazy sofa:

On the one hand is the sofa on the couch and the color of the bright and colorful, one side is the comfort of the ordinary sofa, a sense of touch and the body is very good. This type of lazy sofa from the appearance to the sense of sitting are unmatched, and its aristocratic temperament is very suitable for the dissemination of urban white-collar home.

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