A Beach Camping Experience

- Mar 09, 2018 -

A beach camping experience.

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1. Prevent bask in

I put it in front because it's easy to ignore. We are used to staying indoors, with more moisture and less sun protection.When beach camping,exposed to the seaside sun, two hours of sunburn (or less). This injury did not feel at that time, the skin redness has been sunburned. After a day or two, the skin will be painful and peeling, even blisters. Can use towel cold method can reduce the pain, the moisture with compensatory and sunburn part use moisturizers, and vitamin c to prevent melanin precipitation (envy Louis koo if color of skin, when I never said).

People who are active in the sun often have better resistance to sunburn. You can also use sunscreens with sunscreen (silver coating). Or wear long-sleeved clothes. Of course, sunscreen is better, and don't forget to scrub after swimming or sweating profusely.


2. The mosquito


The mosquitoes on the beach are no less impressive than the mountains. In addition to mosquitoes and flies, there is a kind of lice on the beach and on the beach. It bites people (very painful) in shallow water and jumps around. When beach camping, be careful to wipe off mosquito repellent, avoid biting, and pull up mosquito nets and protect good food, cutlery, etc. (preferably not on the ground, but in a bag). Sitting around a campfire is usually safe from biting.


3. waterproof

The beach is wet in two or three days after the rain. Beware of dampness if the tent cloth is not good. You can bring a large plastic sheet. Metal building materials are sold, to buy a 2 * 2 m 1 mm thick cheap is strong (big poncho can do), spread under the tent can waterproof moisture-proof, the heavy rain can cover above the tent, how much rain water. Also pay attention to the time of ebb and flow. The sea, which looks so far in the daytime, may come into the tent at night. You can ask the local residents about the high tide. It is safe to camp near dense vegetation on the beach.


4. sleep

The beach camping is concentrated in the summer. If the beach is dry, it will be soft and flat, and you can lie straight on it. If the beach is damp, it will be hard, and you need a damp proof mat. Check that there are no mosquitoes in the beach tent before you sleep. And a good toilet, in case you open the beach tent in the middle of the night.

5. diet

The barbecue is perfect for the beach, and the seafood is good, but it must be fresh. In the early morning of the first day of the lunar calendar, the first day of the lunar New Year (or two days before and after), the tide will be set in the early morning, when the sea can be hurried to sea, and clams and crabs are dug on the beach. Clam crab skin shrimp and other seafood are boiled, without seasoning, the water is cooked. Pay attention to the material when you barbecue. Steamed buns and meat skewers will taste better in the hot summer days, preferably before meals. Sausages are kept for a long time.


6. swimming

The water is more complex than the water in the river. There may be invisible stones in undeveloped baths. When beach camping, be careful. Sometimes underwater beaches have a "pit", and people with a water-based nature are better able to swim together in the water of the chest.


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