How To Change The Cabin Tent

- Jul 02, 2018 -

How to change the cabin tent

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In the past, there was no outdoor experience, bought a cabin tent (single layer), fishing in spring and autumn, and half dead at night. I have been trying to change a two person cabin tents for a long time, but without a satisfactory one.


In order to solve the problem of rain prevention, a cabin tent is added with a rain proof cover. The rain proof cover is isolated from the ventilation window above the single deck tent by cross bar, that is, rain proof and air permeability. I wonder if I can add two doors on the basis of the rain shelter on my old cabin tent, so that it becomes a double tent, maybe it can solve the problem of heat preservation and air permeability. I find professional manufacturers --- Yirabbit two person tarpaulin factory boss, I share my thoughts with him, he got my point and checking the old tent, told me it is ok to add two doors. He told me I can get the new one in the second day,I just thought it was impossible,but out of my expectation,he show me the new one in the second day,and fulfill my idea,using use the imported waterproof fabric best to rebuild it,I dont believe it is my old tent,as it is really beautiful and useful.



In order to test my new two persons heat preservation and air permeability characters,We wait a good and sunny day, and go outdoor for night fishing.I put up my two person and spread out the air bed, the damp proof pad and the sleeping bag in the tent to make them fully absorb the heat.The reservoir of the strong winds, high humidity, evening wear down jacket also shivering with cold, not fish, sleep. Get into the tent, wow! Warm and warm. Just wear warm underwear, cover the sleeping bag as the quilt, and sleep to daybreak.In the morning, see the account walls, not a little dew, I did not expect double tents transformation, so I had a warm and comfortable night surprise.


Go around and find others who using only single cabin tent,they cant fall asleep for cold,and get up for fishing.Obviously there is no fish in the whole night.They envied me why I can fall asleep in that cold night and check what the difference of my cabin tent.I share my thought and who change my tent with them.


A very wonderful experience rebuild and nice service for the Yirabbit outdoor products.If you are interested,pls contact them: .

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