How To Choose The Automatic Tent

- Jul 17, 2018 -

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When we do outdoor activities, a comfortable automatic tent can let you have a sweet dream. But automatic tent selection should consider many factors, in addition to budget itself, to adopt camping, range of external conditions, even the automatic tent cloth material, the size of the internal space, is the scope of the need to consider and the tent is available in the market one thousand kinds, without a tent can be suitable for all of your needs!

Choose by camping


Choose tent can first consider to adopt camping, use ready-made campsite camping, they often drive a car after arriving in camping area, set up the automatic tent near the car, because it is through the vehicle carrying, so the weight of the tent is the most don't have to consider; As long as the size can accommodate all participants, basically all tents can be applicable; Because the wild camping ground not will level, water proofing property and abrasion resistance to be more careful to cloth, the other in the wild camping, of course, is want to integrate into the environment of nature, accompanied by the tents of gauze on the one hand can ventilation, prevent mosquito, can, of course, admire the beauty of the stars in the clear night!


Wading mountaineering camping, to cope with the outside world and changeable weather environment, but also under the limited physical load bearing tents, those who want an attention is, of course, the tent of the weight and durability, weight the lighter the better, of course, but does not ignore the tent so protective, because well-designed tent can borrow by the body's temperature increases the temperature of tent several degrees.


Choose according to the weather


 Foreign outdoor activities are divided into three seasons tent [3seasontent], four seasons tent [4seasontent, usually called snow tent in China], summer tent and year-round tent according to the different seasons and weather conditions.


Generally speaking, the winter climate and temperature are relatively harsh. In terms of foreign countries, the four seasons accounts should be able to cope with the severe climate of snow and ice land, and the wind resistance and air permeability should be compared. And three seasons with account use of season is usually in the spring to early winter cold weather, if only a little light snow, some quality good account to cash or apply three season, under the conditions of Taiwan, three quarter account should be able to meet the demands of the year; However, if you want to climb the mountain in winter, especially the mountains around 3000 meters, it is better to take snowfield account with you, because you should not only consider snow, but also consider the temperature!


Summer accounts are mostly used in tropical or desert areas with good ventilation and keep the temperatures in the tent warm at night. Throughout the year with account with considerable adjustment space can adapt to various environments and requirements, such as larger porch for cooking, more supportive pillar strengthening tent, the adjustment type ventilation window of large area can be adjusted according to the weather changes and do.



Personal factor: do you have claustrophobia


Set-up for choosing tent can best account, then try personally in tent interior space, the size of the bed space, place and equipment space, the space of physical activity, choose can make you feel comfortable space size of tent, if you want to journey together with other people, the habit of asking others space in advance, best choice internal space of the larger tent.



Above is a few simple principles that choose tent, hope can give you some help.

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