How To Clean A Water Resistant Tent

- Jul 05, 2018 -

How to clean a Water Resistant Tent

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A new account for the work to be done after getting home. The curtains are rainproof, and it is natural to use some kind of plastic material for coating or compound. So there is a natural plastic taste in the curtains, which is toxic in time.So when the new account is bought, do not just leave it there, waiting for the self to use the lungs to make a vacuum cleaner. The best thing is to stay at home and open Windows for three days. It usually takes three to four days to reduce the majority of the flavor. At this time, it is also possible to check whether there is any leakage of stitches and leakage of rubber.

1.One of the most important things to keep in mind is that you should be exposed to the sun every time you come back. The main purpose of the sunburn is to make the curtains dull and damp. The moisture first comes from our breath and the condensation of the dew, and we lose about 300-400cc of water, some of which goes to the air. The other is that the appearance of the account itself is waterproof, resulting in the accumulation of the appearance of the paper, and the temperature difference causes the external account of the account to be very simple condensation of dewdrops. There is also the steam of boiling water and so on, as well as rain, snow, fog and other climatic causes of precipitation. In order to travel in the morning, the collection is usually early. Therefore, water does not discharge cleanly. Hypothesis through stuffy wu, soon will be moldy mouldy taste, serious will happen mildew, this mould is not remove, can fully penetrate in the fabric of fiber is temporary, very beautiful. And this kind of mildew is also difficult to dispel. Even if the time to remove the clean, once encountered the return of the climate, the taste of nine will soon recover. Therefore, the best thing is to prevent mildew.

2.Sometimes it will be found that the waterproof function of the account is weaker and weaker. Why? This is because the beginning of the external account is water-resistant, and the water is like the lotus leaf, and the water droplets can be nimble and leave no trace on them. However, after a few years of experience, the water protection function will be lost, and the water will start to penetrate and penetrate through the waterproof membrane. Therefore, should be in time to recover the appearance of the anti-splash function. There are two ways to do this. One method is to use an iron to outside the outside of the external balance to iron, choose the temperature of the time must choose the low temperature, for example, silk, so that the pressure is not damaged. The best bottom layer is a layer of cotton to prevent adhesion. This kind of ironing is the best not to exceed two times, beyond two times ironing cannot recover, this time must be sprayed waterproof agent.

The maintenance of the tent pole and ground nail is also a ring in how to maintain the account. The most important part of an account should be the account rod, and we usually neglect the maintenance of the account. In use we all know that preventing the breaking of the tent pole or stepping on a heavy weight can cause it to deform, but there is one thing we may not notice about the damage that sand and soil have done to the tent pole. When there is the connection between the sediment and the entry bar, not only the splicing of the rod will also be used in the inside and outside of the rack, so the clean cloth should be carefully maintained after each use. When removing the rod, it should be removed from the center first. The advantage of this is to balance the force of the elastic rope in the tent pole, so as to prevent the natural spliting of the rod.

To compare with other parts, is the smallest, but good to owe the same affect the curtains complaining all the functions of minimum wind resistance was reduced, the winter without nail tension makes external accounts account and accounting separation, still can let you in a wet environment picks up the items in the curtains. So the ground nail also must be wonderful. As for the maintenance, it is very simple. Every time you use the soil to wipe it, clean it and then pack it, so as not to mess up your curtains. Assuming that there are twists and turns in the application, it is not advisable to go home with a zigzag pattern. The ground nail shape of city road market is usually round, square, triangle and cross a few kinds, self-use evaluation, the most sturdy and durable of cross shape, not easy winding. Assuming you're well-equipped to reconfigure your unsatisfied account, you won't have much money to spend, and you'll save yourself a lot of money. Keep in mind that each time you go out with one or two more nails, the loss of the account is a regular job.

3.Let's talk about the cleaning of the curtains. What if it's so dirty? Especially when we come back from the beach, we'll find that there seems to be no way to get rid of the clean sand. It may rain and make the curtains muddy, and it must be cleaned thoroughly. The best way is to put the curtains in the cleaning room and spray the shower head with a small brush. A little neutral detergent can be put in place when necessary. Be sure to use cool water to stop hot water. If the cleaning room is not local, then you can spread it on the floor and clean it. However, it must not be cleaned in the washing machine. As the fabric of the curtains is waterproof, it is not only clean and clean, but also the damage of the washing machine and the damage of the paper pressure glue.


Cleaning and maintenance

1. Clean the tent inside and outside the water resistant tent, the ground nails, and the poles, mainly clean the mud grass, dust, rain, snow and insects that stick to the tent.

2. Never use machine wash outdoor tents, or it will damage the tent coating completely, dandy, make your tent scrap, can be washed with water, hand rub cleaning method, the use of alkaline detergent, in particularly dirty part can swab with cloth, never use hard objects, such as the brush to scrub tents, can damage the tent outside account of waterproof coating, undermine its waterproof.

3. Clean the outdoor tents, the most important thing is to put the tent thoroughly dry ventilated place, especially the gauze tents, cleaning, be sure to wash detergent, fully dry, or you will make the fabric mildew stick together, reduce the service life of outdoor tents, affect your next trip.

4. When the outdoor tent is completely dry, it is not necessary to fold the original grain in the original packaging bag. If repeated according to the original grain, it will cause the creases to crack, and will also damage the water-proof bar. Actually roll up your outdoor tent can optionally, storage time can't use heavy pressure outdoor tents, best individually packed with a small box, and other outdoor equipment stored in together, convenient travel.

Tent selection.

1. First of all,choosing a Water Resistant Tent is according to where you go and local environment.Tents divide into 3 season,and 4 season. Different temperatures and geographical conditions are particularly important for choosing a tent.

2. The weight of the Water Resistant Tent. Lightweight Water Resistant Tents can reduce their weight, which is especially important when hiking outdoors. Single-layer tents are recommended during summer or non-snowfall because they are lighter and carry.

3. The number of camp tents. The tent is the most commonly used camp tent, because it is easy to carry, and it is easy to find a camp, and even three or single people can live in tents.

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