How To Set Up The Easy Up Beach Tent

- Aug 02, 2018 -

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When camping out in the beach, there is a problem how to set up and storage a Easy Up Beach Tent. The tent is fast and well installation, not only to have a comfortable sleep, but you don't need to worry about the wind blowing in the evening. Folding tent is in good, not only beautiful but also can save a large part of the space of mountaineering bags, at the same time the right folding method can prolong the life of the waterproof coating better, let me briefly explain how to build and storage a Easy Up Beach Tent.

1. Set up a Easy Up Beach Tent:

Decide where to set up your tent first. According to the guide installation, 4 people will work together. It won't take much time to set up. In order to consider the situation of the tent withdrawal, it is more convenient to record the initial collocation.

There are different kinds of tents, and there are different ways of making, matching and designing. Small tents,A style tent,wall type tent, an a-line shape due to the tent of the structure, the combination, is the use of cable erection of “set-up tents”, and the recent development of improved warhead and cabin tent, is belong to the" combination of tents.

The following is one of the basic types of tents, which have been widely used since ancient times as an example to illustrate the way the tent is set up.

① The decision of the place

After considering the wind and terrain, choose a flat land.

② Inspection of tent appliances

Pour out the items in the bag and inspect the parts. For the convenience and omission of the tent, the record should be recorded first.

③ Floor mat

After the floor MATS are laid, the four corners will be fixed with nails. If you are in a much more humid place, lay the mat first and then put a cushion on it.

④ Stand up and pull the main rope

Place the underside of the underside of the base on the bottom of the floor. Meanwhile, the tip of the upper part of the pillar will pull the main rope from the left and right side of the main rope. Thus, the main body of the tent is formed.

⑤ Adjust the main rope, pull up the Angle rope, waist rope

Adjust the shape of the tent with the support line attached to the main rope, and place the two pillars vertically on the ground. Secondly, the shape of the tent is made by adjusting the rope and waist rope.

⑥ Fixed wall

Connect tent base cloth, floor MATS and lower wall.

The above is the setting sequence of the wall type tent, the four people work together, in the state of proficiency, about 10 to 15 minutes can be completed.

Usually, to reduce the impact of wind and rain, severe beach and cold, the roof will be added. In the step (4), insert pillar holes at the ends of the building, plus the first roof cover, and then pull the main line, the main line to nail, by the end of the roof of the building to vertices, formed on both sides of an equilateral triangle, the bottom edge of the long, into a pillar with equal length. From the top of the roof, the Angle line should be lengthened at the diagonal, and the waist line is aligned to the Angle line.

In the past, the tent was set up so that the gutters could be dug around. Now, we must stand in the position of protecting nature, unless in the water depression, we will not dig ditches.

2. How to storage the tent

① The tent was torn down and laid flat;

② Fold the bottom of the Easy Up Beach Tent as you fold the quilt, the width is slightly better than the bag, why is it shorter than the bag? Because the volume will have error, when you roll out maybe width and variable length, so it is hard to put into receive bag, folded over time about 5 cm width than receive bag smaller.

③ Fold the outlay into a similar width, then fold it on the bottom and put the dietin and the tent pole on the bottom of the tent.

④ Start to roll,rolling slowly forward until the tent is fully rolled up.Remember rolling slowly so that the air inside will be fully out of tent.After this,put them into receiving bag.

Maybe many people will ask why not fold,but rolling.The key point for this is folding will

damage the coating.It is recommended to roll which can improve the usage life of Easy Up Beach Tent.


That is all,welcome to email us about your comments.Thank you!

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