Installation Is The Primary Factor In Choosing A Pop Up Tent

- Mar 20, 2018 -

Installation is the primary factor in choosing a pop up tent.jpg

Tents are designed with different USES and different styles. In terms of the shape of the tent, there are generally five types of tents:

1.Triangle tent: front and rear herringbone iron pipe is used as bracket, the middle frame is connected with a crossbar, and the inside account is held up, and the external account can be installed. This is the most common style of tent in the early days.

2.The dome shaped tent (also known as yurt) : with double pole cross support and easy to disassemble, it is the most popular style in the market.

3.The hexagonal tent: three or four crossbars are used, and some are designed with six rods, and the tent is very stable. It is a common style of "alpine" tents.

4.The bottom shape tent: hold up like a locked to come over after the boat, and can be divided into two pole, three different ways of support, generally in the middle of the bedroom, two head for hall, pay attention to the wind flow on design, is one of the common style tents.

5.The roof shape tent: shape is like a small independent roof, support is usually the corners of four columns, similar to the structural formula of roof rack above a ridge, the tent is compared commonly big, bulky, and suitable for motorists or camping use relatively fixed field operations, therefore is called car tents.


So most people pay more attention to the weight of the pop up tent, who all hope to be able to carry a light "house" to go out, but I don't recommend blindly seeking light, may be in the south, but the summer in the north is too short. To make the pop up tent very light, you have to compromise on the material. For example, if you want to use the net of nylon cloth, use the 210t place to use 190t, which directly leads to the decrease of heat insulation. So, ask yourself: is this a light tent for my environment?


Most people tend to choose pop up tent color according to individual be fond of, but if you want to reduce the impact on the natural environment, low light green and brown palladium is a good choice, high brightness color tent besides looks bright eye, and the advantages of easy to search.


In addition, the color of the pop up tent will affect the light and temperature inside the tent, and the high brightness of the tent will have a high light transmittance, and the heat will also be high. Low light tent light penetration will get less, will block off some natural heat of the sun give us affect the people in the activities of the tent, especially in the case of the bad weather can feel the difference of the two more.


Tent of rain has basic need not consider, now everyone will choose double account, both waterproof to 2000 mm and 2000 mm water column, the indicators are the same for us: in the heavy rain.

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