Lazy Sofa: Summer Afternoon Good Companion

- Apr 20, 2017 -

2_副本.jpgLazy sofa is very comfortable, especially in such a lazy summer afternoon, lying on top, a day of trouble and exhaustion will vanish, and some just casual and comfortable." Wang, who lives in Beijing, Shijingshan has a special liking for this sofa.

Lazy sofa has a very vivid name "lazy bones", also called Home Furnishing software, bean bag, in fact it's just a big bag, coat is pure cotton cloth, polyester cloth, suede, plush and other material, in the set is made of breathable non-woven sleeve of a good, filled with high-density polystyrene the particles (called styrofoam particles). "You can not look down on the cloth, you casually to it" body "sit, it will give you a warm hug, are softer than the general Home Furnishing." In Beijing Jimei Wang staff Home Furnishing Dinghuiqiao shop sofa area introduced this lazy sofa, "and this kind of sofa is not an area, if you do not want to use can easily find a corner to put it out on it, more importantly, it is equipped with a zipper jacket, an inner sleeve can be taken as it is easy to clean."

Compared to the previous single form of lazy sofa, and now the sofa has begun to play lazy variety card". For some love snuggle with couples, a double couple sofa can meet their requirements, and very comfortable; compared with adults, children may be more love in the world, the low position or climb or sit, so businesses have launched for children sitting on the sofa lazy, but also fully embodies the the children, with the freedom of mind; after the practical school lazy sofa to sit, a bit like a child slept buckwheat pillow feeling, package is particularly good, hardness than other Beanbag slightly hard, so don't worry about sitting completely without shape. Sofa top handle design is very user-friendly, easy to move the sofa.

If you are young, you have been on the market for two or three years did not change the old sofa can not afford to raise the spirit of the emergence of aesthetic fatigue, then this may be a lazy sofa in front of you. This paragraph has a IKEA style lazy sofa, the material used suede, which is widely used in recent years, the industry's new fabrics, its drape good, thin texture. In addition, the internal filling rebound memory cotton, when the body pressure can be reshaped, effectively balanced pressure throughout the body, relieve fatigue. The most important thing is that it can also be folded according to individual needs, adjust the shape of their own needs.

There is also a weaving process lazy sofa is quite eye-catching. Its shape is a big ball, different from the ordinary cloth bag filled with the lazy sofa, this beautiful knitting process is much more complex, and the need to manually complete. The inside is filled with polyurethane foam, which can provide a better visual perception of the home and decorative, sitting up, there will be a good experience in comfort.


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