Make More Comfortable In 3 Season Camping Tent

- Jun 14, 2018 -

Make more comfortable in 3 season camping tent

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More and More people like to camp out to experience the outside environment. When they decide to camp out,they carry with the tent,sleeping bag and camping accessories. But when they arrive the camping place,the first thing is to build the tent.The most important is that how do you make your camping tent more comfortable outside?

1. Determine the camping location and choose a flat place after considering wind direction and terrain.

2. Check the camping tent equipment and pour out the items in the bag. Check each part. For the convenience and omission of the camping tent, it should be recorded first.

3. After laying the floor MATS, the floor MATS will be fixed, and the four corners will be fixed with nails. If you are in a damp place, put a mat on top of it and then place a mat on it.

4. Stand up and pull the main rope. Put the 3 season camping tent pole into the tent, set up the inner tent, set the flysheet on the inner tent and insert the camping tent’s pole into the hole at both ends of the floor, so that the main body of the 3 season camping tent is formed.

5. Adjust the main rope, pull up the wind rope and attach the rope. Adjust the main rope according to the direction of the wind, the main rope is against the pull, the tent has four main rope (that is, we often say to the wind rope), two rope attached, if in camp into felt the wind is very big, so the wind in the evening will be bigger, can be two to four main rope upwind, the other two pull on both sides of the upwind area, left and right, this is done to prevent windy at night, or in the mountains forest region with a whirlwind, attached to the cord can be according to the situation, should pay attention to when wind rope, rope wind cannot too long, 5-10 cm to leave the tents are suitable, this trip is to travel at night, the second is that he can be more firmly grasp tents, land for wind rope can be fixed, to remember the oblique Angle of 45 degrees is inserted into the ground, not straight on straight down. Now the tent is on the wind rope with the wind rope buckle, the wind rope buckle can control the length of the wind rope, it is not useless.

6. The interior finishing tents, tents, completing the following is to tidy up the interior, the damp-proof mat into 3 season camping tent, open the bag, flat out, in his tent, sleeping bag for some time, it will make fleeciness, can make a night of rest more warm, inside put unused belongings in the tent, the head lamp, flashlight in hand can get position such as tents outside the bag, the nail bags, backpacks, etc. If the weather is particularly cold when camping, the first thing to do after the camp is to add warm clothing. Or adding before encampment, depending on the situation.

When the tent is ready, it can dig ditches around it. Now, stand in the position of protecting nature, unless in a water depression, no drainage ditch.

Special reminder:

1.If the 3 season camping tent catches fire, you should leave immediately. Keep an eye out for burning rags that fall on your body. If you have them, sweep them off and put them out in your clothes or in your sleeping bag. As long as the action is quick, the clothes will not burn.

When you get out of the tent, put down the strut, untie the main branch when necessary, and extinguish the flames. Or grab one end of the tent and drag it away from the flames and objects inside the tent. If the fire is too strong to approach, let it burn. Things can be bought again, life is the most precious. The cause of the fire was a fire at the tent's exit, kicking the stove first, then stepping out of the tent and putting down the prop. After putting out the fire in the tent, splash some water around the stove in case the trees catch fire. Do not let foam or plastic mattresses near fire; Most of these materials emit smoke when they burn.

2.What if the tent is leaking?

If the rain falls into the tent, it can be sealed with melted wax or tape.

If the water is leaking, you can wrap your clothes and sleeping bag in a waterproof jacket or plastic cloth.

Check whether the tent is set up properly, check the mat, and whether the cloth is out of the tent.

3.The tent was flooded, and if the tent was flooded, the sleeping bag was wet, and it lost its warmth, so it was better to leave the sleeping bags and tents and move to dry places. If there is no place to live nearby, set up a table with branches, change into dry clothes and sit up until dawn.

If the weather is very cold, try to keep warm. One way to do this is not to cover the sleeves of one or two coats of clothing. Button up or zip up, then cover the garment from top to bottom with your hands tucked under your armpits. If a sleeping bag is made of artificial fiber, it can keep warm even if it is wet, so it should cut off the water immediately, such as digging a trench around the tent and leading the water to another place. Then dry the tent floor and wring out the sleeping bag.

4. The tent was blown down by the wind, and it was extremely difficult to rebuild it. If the weather is bad, there is no shelter for cars, or the safest place to stay in the tent. Use your body to press the edge of the tent or to protect the tent from the wind. Prop up the tent with a backpack or a pillar to expand the space inside the tent.

5. When cooking in tents with bad weather, the tent should be kept in the air, especially if the weather is bad. If you feel sleepy, or if you find that the flame is yellow instead of blue, you may have a shortage of oxygen and should get out of the tent right away.

6. When using the stove, place the stove on the ground smoothly to prevent tipping. Keep the stove and fuel tank away from the camping tent.

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