Tips For Baby Tent

- Jul 06, 2018 -

Tips for baby tent

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1. Equipment must be prepared:

Low porosity double layer tent, moisture-proof mat, sleeping bag, mosquito coil incense, sulphur (or sand insect economy), lighting equipment.

Tent: the seaside moisture is big, dew is heavy. It is recommended to use double layer account, waterproof property is better equipped with waterproof floor mat, can improve the moisture from the surface.

Sleeping bag: the temperature difference between day and night in the field is large. In summer and autumn, the temperature of the sleeping bag is between 20 and 0 degrees Celsius. The envelope sleeping bag can be used as a quilt.

Dampproof mat or blow-up lilo: night rest can lie on your back, dampproof mat choose physical foaming product instead of chemical foaming products, to avoid to produce peculiar smell, blow-up lilo using pump air or automatic air, soft and comfortable.

Camp light: night lighting is very important. You can choose a battery lamp or a steam lamp. If it's a battery lamp, make sure you have enough spare batteries.

Other essentials: swimwear, sunscreen, if you want to stay overnight with mosquito repellent, a cold windbreaker, a lifebuoy, and a stake and a rope. Nail the stake to the sea, and when the tide is rising, tie it to the stake and tie it to the stake, so that it will not float away.

2. Camping site selection

The highest point of the historical tide is 3 meters away, which cannot reach the zone in the wave and tide.

The terrain is flat, and the surrounding terrain is shorter than the tent area, where the rainwater cannot reach the zone.

No grass, no trees, 1 meter and 5 meters away from grass and trees are the best, where pests and pests are difficult to attack.

Stay away from the high platform to prevent night travel hazards.

Choose the place where there is no stone or other hazards that cannot fall, and it is better to be flat on all sides.

3. The setting of the baby tent

*The decision of the location.

After considering wind direction and terrain, choose a flat site.

*A check of the tent gear.

Pour out the items in the bag and check the parts. For the convenience and omission of the tent, it should be recorded first.

*The floor MATS were laid.

After the floor mat is finished, fasten the four corners with nails. If you are in a damp place, put a mat on top of it and then place a mat on it.

 *The man raised the pillar and pulled out the main line.

Place the bottom of the pillar in the hole in both ends of the floor, and at the same time, the tip of the top of the pillar, through the hole in the column of the two pillars, will pull the main rope up to avoid the left and right sides. Thus, the main body of the baby tent is formed.

*Adjust the main rope, pull up the Angle rope, waist rope.

Adjust the shape of the baby tent with the support line attached to the main rope, and place the two pillars vertically on the ground. Secondly, the shape of the baby tent is made by adjusting the rope and waist rope.

*Fixed walls.

Connect the tent floor, floor MATS, and lower walls.

The above is the setting order of the wall type tent, the four people work together, in the skilled state, about 10-15 minutes can be completed.


Usually, to reduce the impact of wind and rain and exposure to the cold, the roof will be added to the roof. In the step (4), insert pillar holes at the ends of the building, plus the first roof cover, and then pull the main line, the main line to nail, by the end of the roof of the building to vertices, formed on both sides of an equilateral triangle, the bottom edge of the long, into a pillar with equal length. From the top of the roof, the Angle line should be lengthened by the diagonal line, and the waist line is aligned with the horned line.


In the process of setting up a tent and putting up the baby tent, you should also pay attention to the following points:

1. After choosing a good campsite, use sulphur (anti-snake) or insecticide to spray around the campsite to prevent pests from entering the campsite to harm themselves.

2. When the tent is set up, the import and export of the tent must be closed. Make a good habit in peacetime, when collecting revenue, the zipper of the tent mouth will be closed; In and out of the tent, it is necessary to keep the tent open and close, so as to prevent mosquito and other small animals from crawling into the tent and disturb the rest of the night. Many cases when camping some players not only not to pull the tent mouth shut good, instead, open the door of the tent in the chat, so often harassed by small animals in the middle of the night to capture, affect their rest sleep with other players.

3. The mosquito coil should be careful to set fire, it is better to use an iron box to put the mosquito coil in it, and use the air vent to give off the mosquito smoke, and do not leave the flame outside.

4. The night in and out of the tent must make a certain sound, and disturb the harmful substances around the tent to prevent the attack.

5. The night in and out of the tent is to check with the light to prevent danger.

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