TIPS In The Process Of Using 4 Man Pop Up Tent

- Aug 09, 2018 -

TIPS in the process of using 4 Man Pop Up Tent

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Camping is an almost zero - difficulty outdoor activity that is well suited to the family, and when you go camping, a small tent becomes a temporary home. The 4 Man Pop Up Tent is not difficult to use, but there are many details to note. Before you go camping, check out these tips:

1. After each trip, the internal and external ledger and the post are cleaned, and the main objects are snow, rain, dust ash, mud grass and insects.

2. Avoid a spray a cooking, smoking, high temperature and flame to the harm of the tent, if bad weather outside must be cooking in the account, is under the furnace head mat aluminium film or other heat insulation articles, and open all the doors and Windows of tents.

3. When using the tent, you should not wear shoes into the inside account, because the dirt and stones of the sole of the sole are extremely easy to cut the internal ledger, thus losing the waterproof meaning.

4. 4 Man Pop Up Tent shall not use the washing machine to clean, can be washed with water, hand pinch of washing methods, such as, the use of alkaline cleaner, placed ventilated place order after cleaning, good in receive bag stored in a dry, cool place, the tent or regular fold, because many use tents, folding too chapped law neatly makes crease hardening.

5. Before going to bed, please place professional equipment such as rock climbing and ropes in the front hall of the 4 Man Pop Up Tent, or in front of the 4 Man Pop Up Tent, so as to avoid touching these sharp objects to the tent when sleeping at night.

6. Avoid the use of candles and other non-protective lighting items as lighting props, and use headlights, flashlight and tent lights as much as possible.


Don't forget these tips when you use the 4 Man Pop Up Tent in the next time .

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