What Are The Sleeping Bags? What Kind Of Sleeping Bag Fabric?

- Apr 20, 2017 -

2_副本.jpgAt present, the sleeping bags are divided into down and synthetic fiber sleeping bags (usually called cotton sleeping bags).

Down sleeping bag

Down the material can be divided into white goose down, white duck, grey eiderdown, wool and other waterfowl. The weight per unit is the most warm, warm down sleeping bags, easy to squeeze, easy to maintain the status quo, the use of longer term, unfavorable factor is the price cost is higher, water will be wet, warm sleeping bag is very poor, unless the sun will need more than a day to fully dry, moist environment for these characteristics of feathers sleeping bags suspect quality down sleeping bags properly maintained its service life is three times higher than synthetic fiber. Down sleeping bag has three basic types of suture: (1) sewthrough (2) slanttube (3) overlapingtube, the first simple suture method is not complicated, but the heat is easy from the suture line disappeared, second suture is most of the sleeping bag sewing method. This method can be cold air outside the sleeping bag. The third is the ideal method, this kind of sleeping bag is more expensive, most of the sleeping bag design of a channelblocks, it can prevent the feather move around.

Synthetic fiber sleeping bag

Synthetic fiber moisture resistance is better and can still maintain the warm wet bag, quick drying, low price, but slightly on the down sleeping bag, not squeeze and loading accounted for more space in my backpack, short service life, synthetic fiber two kinds of fiber. (1): the long fiber fiber products such as sewing more waves of asbestos tile roof with overlapping, covered by the cold, (2): short fiber sewing mode is to take two or three layers as thin thin Mianbu way zipper side be a gasket is designed to avoid the heat, if two sleeping bags have to be merged must pay attention to the gasket on both sides, there are kinds of synthetic fiber

Hollofil: polyester products in low price, it is divided into two systems, (1) HollofilII fiber, fiber smooth, elastic and folds were improved, (2) Hollfil808 improved the degree of smoothing.

The products of Lamilite:Wiggy company, by the combination of multi thin layer, thin sleeping bag, even if the moist environment can be maintained warm degree, low weight and low price, this fiber improved packing and smoothness of the accordion, but also can resist the use of washing machine damage.

LiteLoft:3M company's products, such as grid is formed by using microfinepolyester/olefinfibers thermal villi, found its warmth and softness, squeezing are good, but after one year likely than other poor materials.

MicroloftPolarguard:Hoechst-Celanese, one of the early development of synthetic fiber products. At present, the improved PolarguardHV new product is lighter than the original Polarguard 25%, the early response to HV is light, fluffy, volume reduction, but the long-term durability is still a question mark.

Primaloft: This is a feather fiber products look to imitate the bird, slightly hard and thick sleeping bags and made more difficult to price is high, but the waterproof and quick drying were significantly, durability seems to reach the general standard.

Quallofil: it is a kind of short fiber, may be the mainstream of the future.

According to the appearance of the style is divided into mummy and envelope type sleeping bag. The design is provided with a cap, the upper and the lower is small, and the shape of the human body is matched, and the side of the sleeping bag is provided with a zipper for easy access. But the envelope sleeping bag can generally be used for two docking for the use of two people, but also can be pulled away from the ordinary quilt.


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