What Is The Lightweight Tent

- Mar 06, 2018 -

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Lightweight tent is a development trend of outdoor equipment, a variety of lightweight, ultra-low weight of equipment have abound, followed by, in the eyes of many outdoor enthusiasts, lightweight tent has become a tent and measure, but is it really the lighter the better?

Many outdoor enthusiasts want very light and durable camping tent when the choose and buy camping gear, you'd better to light on what degree, many people put forward the double account to below 1.2 kg, if more than 1.5 kilograms completely unacceptable! The standard is basically impossible to do both in terms of existing technical conditions and prices that are not too outrageous.

We recognize that lightweight tent is the development trend, thanks to the improvement of technology, the existing tent has made great progress in weight, reverse back in 78, a double account can do it within 2 kg is called ultralight tents.

It is no surprise that the 2 person tent with a total weight of 1.5kg under the existing technical conditions are not surprising, and there are also many 2 person tent within 2 kg. For the moment, as well as the individual special fabrics such as expensive CUBEN fabrics can be done under the high strength lightweight, basically to the existing standard cases continue to reduce weight, you must rely on reducing tents space, thinning fabrics, change more thin wall thin curtain rod diameter and reduce the nail and wind rope way to achieve. A really good tent will have a balance between weight and performance. Lightweight purpose is to let us to reduce weight, more comfortable outdoors more easily, but if left unchecked, comfortable and safe, blindly pursuing super light, even the super light as a measure of good tent, it is to attend.

Two examples, the first example, we go to some pretty tough abuse line, for example, if you use too lightweight tents, in this environment appearing curtain rod broken, fabrics, will greatly improve the prevalence of line and the line often harsh, does on the road to empty, equipment problems would be very miserable; The second example, some friends only see the weight, regardless of the size, the results found after buy tents space small, turn over inside would have touched the wall, if the humidity is bigger, the sleeping bag is bound to be wet, so space of the tent, even light weight controlled grams, do you want?


Therefore, when choosing a camping tent, don't just think about the weight, remember, choose your tent according to the environment, and finally consider the weight problem.

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