What Is The Three/3 Season Tent

- Jul 31, 2018 -

The three seasons there are different types of account, but the good tent should have the following features:

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1.Solid support

Tents that can be used in winter have much in common with some mountaineering books, and their basic requirements are: at least three accounts, usually more. That's why they're heavier than the average three-quarter bill. The material of the rod should be made of aluminum alloy, high strength aluminum alloy or carbon fiber, but not fragile fiberglass.

2.Sleek shape

In windy weather, the shape of the tent seriously affects its stability. Avoid tents that are too high and vertical, because they have too much resistance and choose a streamlined tent.

3.There are a lot of fixed points.

Make sure that the external account is as close to the ground as possible, and that all the nylon fasteners on the external account are fastened to the ground, and the other end is worn by Velcro or Velcro. Inside the tent, the nylon rope at the top of the tent should be tightened to strengthen the account and enhance the stability.

4.Extra space

The three  seasons should have at least one awning to store hiking boots, mountaineering bags, wet coats and cooking in the awning under blizzards. If you have two doors and two awnings, you can have more storage space, better ventilation, and more convenient access.

5. Good ventilation.

The top of the three  seasons should have a ventilation window, outside with a rain cover, inside a lock, to ensure that under any weather conditions can be open air. These ventilation Windows should be in the upper part of the tent so that the warm and moist air will be easily dispersed. Basically, inside and outside the bill account should be two-way zipper, zipper on the door so that we can in the upper part of the door, not here, leave a gap, is advantageous for the moist air out, and will not make the cold air blows directly to the camper.

How to buy a three /3 season tent?

Since winter travel requires more clothing and equipment, it is best to use a larger double or three.

Another option is to buy a three-quarter, three -season account instead of buying a three-quarter account and then buying the three  seasons. The dual-use account is based on a three-quarter account, with a zipper attached to the inside of the tent and a nylon cover to enhance the durability and insulation of the winter environment. The dual purpose account performs well in most winter travel, but is not as strong as a true mountain-climbing account, and is less ventilated than a mountain-climbing tent.

No matter which tent you choose, it's best to buy the ground nails that are specifically designed for the snow, rather than the common staples that match most of the tents. If you are in the wild camping is not enough to nail, can use the skis, poles, snow shoes, stone, or a piece of equipment is buried in the snow made an anchor, or use a bolt in the wind at the end of the rope bag filled with snow.

A carefully selected three  seasons account can help you survive any harsh winter conditions.

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