What Is The Travel Tent

- Mar 23, 2018 -

The travel tent is the name of the product and is suitable for hiking.It can also call them hiking tent.

A travel tent is one of our mobile homes outdoors. Give us protection, shelter, and sleep at night. With children to spring outing, the family outing. Travel tents can help you deal with a lot of troubles, so that you can relax and feel the joy of nature while traveling. Here are some tips on how to choose a travel tent.

Tents are important equipment for camping, but not the only equipment. Its role in the camping is limited, as a general rule, tent is not promised to keep warm, camping warm is the task of the sleeping bag, tent is the main function of the windproof, rainproof, dustproof, dew, moistureproof, provide campers with a relatively comfortable rest environment. According to the above objectives, the following factors should be considered in choosing tents:

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1. Easy to carry. After decathlon, the idea of "setting up a tent for two seconds" is increasingly being pursued by more and more travelers. Carry, if they are backpackers, or the traditional tent is more convenient, can remove after directly into the backpack, drive gens can choose quick opening tents, collapsed after the modelling of a circular pie, fit in the trunk.


2. Two main points for waterproof, inner tent and high quality tent. The most common tent coating is PU coating, PU is polyamine ester polymer organic matter, PU coating is a kind of stable and low temperature coating, commonly used in various fabrics. The thickness and coating technology of PU coating determines the water resistance of the fabric. The coating thickness is indicated by mm, indicating the static water column height of the coating under laboratory conditions. The PU800 coating indicates that the coating is impervious under the static water column of 800mm. The PU800 coating can prevent small to moderate rain. The pu1000-1200 coating can be protected from heavy rain. More than 1500mm coatings can be used in a variety of environments.

3. High brace strength, good rebound force, aluminum rod is better than glass fiber rod. At the moment, the best rods are carbon poles, which are made of aluminum, and then fiberglass, and finally iron (except for the army, which is almost useless). Most of the aluminum alloy rods, in order of price and performance, are scandium aluminum alloy, 7075T9 and 7001T6. The wind resistance of the tent is not only related to the diameter of the tent pole, but also to the number of the number of the tent poles. Generally speaking, the more the number of accounts, the better the wind resistance. For example, two sets of ordinary aluminum poles can withstand winds of about 7-8. The wind resistance of 3 sets of aluminum rods is about 9. Tents that use 3-4 sets of 7075 aluminum poles can be used in a blizzard environment of about 11.

4. The bottom of the account should be waterproof and wearable. The bottom of the tent is waterproof and durable, and the commonly used materials are PE cloth and waterproof polyester fabric. PE tents are used in middle and low grade tents, and waterproof polyester is used for middle and high grade tents. PE is a polyethylene material, similar to a low-grade snake skin bag. The actual tent USES PE materials with double-sided waterproof membrane, including a large number of export tents. The bottom contact ground, easy to be affected by debris, grass roots and other debris, so before outdoor camping, to clear the ground hard objects, or use tent ground cloth, bedding on the surface as a protective layer. Tent ground cloth is commonly used with 420D wear-resistant Oxford cloth.

5. It is better to choose the front and rear doors or a tent for the window. At this point, the new type of quick-opening tent is better designed, with better ventilation.


6. The design should be reasonable, and there should be enough ground and wind rope. Bags, nails, and other accessories also affect the use of tents. The packing bag should be durable, the number of nails should be sufficient, the aluminum nail strength should be large, the tent rope is used for fixing the tent.

There are three ways to support a common tent:

1.Put the inside out, use the bracket to support the internal account, then wrap the waterproof external tent, and then fix it. This kind of support method is more convenient, most tents adopt the support method of inner support, such as SANFO SUNSHINE, HOLIDAY, etc.

2.Hang up outside, that is, hold up the external account first, then put the inside account on the external account. This kind of support method is more beneficial to prevent rain, because inside hang inside account always keep a certain distance with external account, but take time when first support. E225 USES this support method;

3.It is supported by single frame and fixed with the roof and pull rope. This kind of tent support environment has limitations, must be able to be able to tie the ground or tie the environment, in the cement ground and hard stone ground, the tent can not automatically stand. This support method is used for single - pole tent and roof - type tents.

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