What Kind Of Instant Tent Is Right For You

- Mar 05, 2018 -

Wind, rain, cold, dust, and all kinds of insects. If people ask why they use instant tents outdoors, these are the reasons.

In addition, the instant tent can provide us with a private space in the open field. And it also a subtle role: in the night, when you put all the zipper pull on it, and curled himself in the narrow closed space, your mind will be rising quietly a faint sense of security and steadfast. The human feeling is really wonderful, in the field, just a few pieces of nylon cloth wrapped up in a small sealed space, can let us have a solid, secure feeling.

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Q: when do you use your instant tent during the year?


Winter camp must choose 4 season instant tents. If you want to go to a polar adventure camp, you have to ask someone who has experience in the polar field to get advice.


If you are in March or October, November, wild camping, even if this a few months does not strictly belong to winter, but on the safe side, or carry a season 4 account is better, at least also want to take a convertible.


If you're just going to take a casual trip between may and September, a three-season account is enough.


Q: how often do you travel with you?


Do you usually travel with a partner? If so, you'll need at least one. Besides, are both of you big men? If so, you may need a 2-3 person instant tent or simply carry a 3 person instant tent.

Is the number of people traveling with you constantly changing? If so, you may need multiple instant tents to meet the needs of different teams. Of course, if your budget is tight, buy one that is most commonly used, and rent one more when the number of people traveling together changes.

If someone is sharing a instant tent with you in the evening, don't hesitate to share it in your back. One can carry the bill, the other on the back, and so on.

Are you traveling alone? If so, you have to consider your preferences. If you need more space, bring a compact 2-person instant tent. If you haggle over your weight, you should choose an instant tent or a lightweight one.

Q: what's the difference between a cheap instant tent in a supermarket and a discount store, and a famous professional climbing brand in a professional outdoor shop?

The instant tents sold in the department stores were of some scale, and were not paid atinstant tention to the details. You can observe the high quality instant tent stitch suture, you will find in this instant tent on the stitching of each inch of stitch density is far greater than the discount store, the ordinary instant tents mending stitch density. In addition to the high quality instant tent, you can often find the stitching of the stitches to glue waterproof treatment. This ensures that the instant tent is strong enough to keep the instant tent usable in bad weather. In addition, high-quality instant tents are usually made of high-standard aluminum alloy bars, while ordinary accounts in general stores tend to use low-intensity, easily damaged FRP bars. Finally, high quality instant tents often provide better ventilation design and improve the comfort of using a instant tent.

Cheap instant tents tend to use large areas of nylon coating on the outside, and the material is breathless. So if you use this instant tent on a hot, hot night, you'll be sweltering in it.




Do you often need to camp in rainy weather? If so, consider choosing a larger instant tent and adding a removable ceiling inside the instant tent. The ceiling like a hanging hammock under the canopy of mesh, you can sleep in the evening when the items you need to dry in the above, and from time to time as it, so that we can make these items faster drying.

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